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A Dirty Surprise

It had rained all night and it was still heavily raining. I wasn't in the mood to go to school today. I wanted to stay in bed and read, but I new there was not even a chance Mom would let me. I got ready for school and got down to breakfast in time. I ate my toast and 'brushed my teeth. Dad shouted,"You are already elate." I ran upstairs to get my inhaler. I sprinted down stairs and out the door.

I reached Edgihill. We walked down with the borders to a point where you could go two ways. They went the wrong direction. I asked why and Mrs. John said that the other way was washed out so we would go this way. This way took longer but it would eventually come to Woodstock. We rounded a bend a there was a mudslide.

Stuents reach the Quad
after wading through the mud
Oh no how could we all stay clean? I thought it was not so bad we could just take off our shoes and walk right over it. I took off my shoes and rolled up my pants in case I would squelch in it a bit. But I took a step and I sunk. Up to my pants. I was filthy already. My next step was worse it went up to my waist. And my feet hurt very badly. I picked up my shoes that had fallin out of my hands. Yuck! All brown instead of black. I kept going. I had cuts all over my feet. Ouch! I'm glad I've had my tetnes shot. Next step the mud was still at my waist, but more stones. I took the next step more carfully but not carfull enough I tripped on an old tree root. My face was caked with mud. My clothes were covered with mud. Oh no my shoes were ruined. My face was cut. I kept going., I had about 5 more feet of filth. I took a step the mud was even more slippery I nearly slipped but my sister had held on to the straps of my new dungarees.

Finally I was out of the squelching muck. We trooped into school and people said don't move I'll go get my camera. We did move. We marched straight to the Elementary bathrooms to wash up. Mrs Maclroy said me and my sister were the muddiest so we went to her appart to take a shower.

Luckily my mom had made me bring extra clothes in case mine got wet. They didn't get wet but they sure got muddy. We took our showers and got dressed.

I went straight to my classroom where everybody in Elementary was having cocoa and warming up. Most people were in towels. Edgehill borders got stuff brought from their dorms and within 30 minutes everybody was settled and school started. What a dirty, brown morning.

The End

Annie Henderson

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