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The First Generation

Surat Singh's grandfather, Jem Singh, is mentioned in the first volume of the Woodstock History.

When cholera struck Woodstock in 1910, the school had to be evacuated. In her account of what happened at Upper Woodstock during this evacuation, Miss Jones says that the girls slept on field beds and the first night they had no dinner, for that day even the Christian servants ran off in sheer fright. Water was a problem. The water in those days came from a spring below the Tehri Road, for the water system of Landour had not yet been put in. Colonel Rennie forbade the use of this spring in case the water should be contaminated. Finally the Cantonment Magistrate gave permission to get water from the military spring at Jabarkhet, "providing they could secure men to get it who would not draw water when the Military "bhistis" (water carriers) were there. One or two of the Christian servants remained faithful and the loyal bearers Nagu, Jem Singh, Man Singh Sankaru and others, so that the three establishments were cared for. An inherent loyalty, Miss Jones called it, with perhaps a touch of the feeling so common in the East that what is written is written, and one cannot escape from the fate that is written for him in his forehead.

Woodstock School
The First Century
1854-1954, p35



Mussoorie, U.P. 15 th November 1939

Padam Singh came to Woodsotck about five years ago when his father Jem Singh died. His father had been in Woodstock for about 45 years and in his last years he was head bearer here at the school. Padam Singh is fairly well educated and has acted as bearer and manager of the things about the school. He has also helped look after the little boys in the shcool building. He understands them very well and knows all about their cloths. We have always found him har-working and conscientoous about his work. He is very honest and dependable. I can only speak of him in the highest terms as a man as well as a servant of Woodstock.

Signed -

A.E. Parker, Principal

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