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Fierce rains lead to landslides

Over three hundred people lost their lives in the recent landslides and mudslips in Ukhimath, Rudraprayag, Pitthoragarh district and Mussoorie.

Woodstock students sent seven trunks of clothes to landslide victims and the money collected during the offering at the October Chapel has also been earmarked for landslide victims. The school is cooperating with NGOs in Dehradun which have formed a disaster management team.

Torrential rains this year have led to a lot of landslides in Mussoorie. We have had mudslips and small landslides on campus. The road to Dehradun was shut off for several days when boulders started coming down near Kolhukhet, past the old toll-tax barrier. The phenomenon is not new -the rains bring landslides every year. The fierce rains have led geologists and journalists to question the reasons for the increase in landslides.

The Himalayan realm is trembling all the time as the Indian plate presses into the Asian plate. Is climate change behind the recent fury of the mountains? Are some regions of the Himalayas more prone to slips than others? Do developers take into account the fragility of the Himalayan geology while building multistoreyed buildings, houses and dams, or felling trees and engineering roads?

These are all questions worthy of study. In this issue we bring you articles about a landslide on campus, written by fifth grade students.

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