The Brown and the Gold The Brown and the Gold. May 1998.
Woodstock School, Mussoorie UP India
[Also see October 1997 issue and May 1996 issue]

Features from The Brown and the Gold - May 1998 (Or the words of the Song!)
Dalai Lama visits Tuition grant New Principal David Jeffery
MSA reaccreditation Middle School Art: the living line
Winter tour - Veerppan Father and son Emmanuels Lehman's dissertation
on Woodstock
1998's second generation Life after Woodstock Nag Tibba: breaking records
News and notes Dreamland by M. Iwata Cate's Corner
WS basetball reigns People (poem)
by M. Abraham
Batsman Brij Lal
The Calendar Credits - who did what Reunions in 1998