Paw Prints of the Tiger
by Marilyn Peters

Nashville, Tennessee: ACW Press, 2006. ISBN: 1932124853
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Marilyn Peters
Paw Prints of the Tiger 219 pp.

ISBN: 1032124853

These pages encapsulate adventures with God both here and abroad. I learned early on my family was -- well, unique. Who else has a great-grandfather that fought in the Mutiny of 1857 -- in India? Or a great-great-great grandmother that served tea to Napoleon at her family's inn in Bavaria? Or a grandmother who narrowly escaped a brick shard thrown by a monkey? And there was the boa that slithered down the aisle in my grandfather's church in the Philippines. (My uncle thinks it's the organ music that attracted the serpent.) Who else had parents that ended up with frogs dangling from flowerpots in their house in Honduras? Or a sister whose camel driver -- well, that's a surprise!

I've been around the world twice, visited twently countries and have called five my home. I keep turning up evidence of God's presence everywhere, always showing up at the opportune moment. Forest workers in the jungles of East Bengal, seeing a paw print, are alerted to a tager's presence. So too, when God passes by, He leaves His imprint. I've written these stories to expose some of those imprints in our family's unique history.

My home base is in Idaho, mostly becasue two of my three children and all four grandchildren put their roots down here, not because I'm fond of cold weather. Since 1997 I've often escaped to tropical Costa Rica where I helped build a house and for three years taught English. Now I share the Gospel in various Spanish-speaking churches.

Subjects: Christian Devotions

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