Living on the Edge: Tales of Woodstock School
edited by Sally Salisbury Stoddard, Charlene Chitamber Connell, Catherine Witcomb Hinz, and Sally Hazlett Woolever
WOSA  Woodstock School India  Class of 59
Living on the Edge
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ISBN: 0967430216
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    Woodstock Writings
    A bibliography of publications by some Woodstock alumni, or parents, or others

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    Product details from the editors:

    Living on the Edge
    Tales of Woodstock School

    Transporting goods is a love story told by generations of students and staff: It is a tribute to the many persons creating a unique educational experience for students from a mosaic of nationalities and cultures, and it is a paean to India and to the Himalaya mountains which cradle the school. Like the history of an extended family, Living on the Edge encompasses joy and pain, common endeavor, endurance, good Humor and immense spirit.

    These stories, told in the writers' own voices, span nearly the 150 years of Woodstock School history.

    In them you will . . .

  • hear the call of the barking deer
  • see the school and its remarkable setting
  • taste the hot jalebis fresh from the boiling syrup
  • smell the pine forests and dung fire smoke
  • feel the moist monsoon mists on your face as you climb the hills
    on paths called the Eyebrow, the Chakkar, Friv

    See more details below
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    Readers Say:

    Living on the Edge great fun and full of insights.
    --Barbara Crossette, New York Times Correspondent,
    Author of The Great Hill Stations of Asia

    This book brings to life the very real world that countless children have experienced of growing up a world away from both their home cultures and their parental homes. The writing is strong, the memories are evocative, and the story is important.
    --Ruth van Reken, Author of Letters Never Sent
    and co author of Third Culture Kids: The
    Experience of Growing up Among Worlds

    An affectionate memoir of place,
    with King Cobra sandwiches
    and rhodendron jelly
    boa constrictors and bears and
    ground orchids called peacocks.
    Mish kids, chuts and hefts
    cataract beads and music cells
    and the winterline.
    Arrival and departure
    accidents and illness
    loneliness and friendship.
    Exotic details of location and custom
    exemplary anecdotes of human relationships...
    Woodstock School.
    --Phyllis Moore, Poet and Quilt Artist

    Poignant, humorous, engaging, entertaining this montage of vignettes reveals students at Woodstock hovering delicately on the edge of childhood, confronting yet challenged by diverse cultures which impact their lives. This is a place of beginnings and sometimes endings.
    --Sharon Sawyers, Community and Regional Planner

    Living on the Edge includes a terrific collection of reflections on Woodstock over the last 150 years. Those who have shared a similar boarding school experience . . . will find the descriptions especially moving, entertaining and evocative.
    Jonathan Addleton, Director of USAID, Mongolia
    and Author of Some Far and Distant Place

    Living on the Edge captures . . . the delights [as well as] some of the darker threads of being alone at an early age, bearing the responsibility of younger siblings, facing the dangers of . . . nature's challenges. The issues for older Third Culture Kids of moving often and saying goodbye to friends, as well as the challenge itself of boarding school, all interweave to create a tapestry of memory that is the TCK profile in flesh.
    --Dave Pollock, Interaction International, Inc.
    and co author of Third Culture Kids: The
    Experience of Growing up Among Worlds

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    Woodstock gate Living on the Edge: Tales of Woodstock School is the product of accomplished writers, sometime writers, would-be writers and oral story-tellers who have generously donated their time and their stories. All profits from the book go to Woodstock School to fund initiatives which encourage and enhance writing and oral story-telling among the students.

    Living on the Edge: Tales of Woodstock School will be published in early fall 2003, in time for holiday giving. At a prepublication price of $15 plus shipping ($19.95 plus shipping after September 30) the book will make a nice gift for yourself and others.

    Reserve copies now for each of your children, your grandchildren, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, mothers-in- law, friends, employers - and your local library! Share the story of this remarkably long-lived international, intercultural, coeducational school.

    Kodai Woodstock International, Inc.
    PO Box 1661
    Mukilteo, WA 98275-9945 USA

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