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Shadows (Words to the Woodstock song)
Moderately. Words and Music by Robert Leland Fleming

1. Sha-dows fall across the valley, at the close of day -
and as we sing to - geth - er , this is what we
[Chorus:] Wood- stock, known over all the land,
Wood - stock sung of on every hand,
Here many chances of learning we find,
building the body and train ing the mind
For ward, aim at the bet - ter goals;
Onward, find what the future holds,
Rug - ged and steep though the path - ways may be,
Palms come from stri ving, you know.

2. When we've left these halls of learning
For the roads of life,
Oft may we hear this carol
Echo in the strife:

(Stanza for a morning session may be sung in place of stanza one]

Morning breaks across the mountains
At the dawn of day
And as we work together
This is what we say:
"The setting sun, and music at the close."
                      Richard II, Shakespeare

"Oft in the stilly night, ere Slumber's chain has bound me,
Fond menory brings the light of other days around me."
                      Thomas Moore, 1815

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