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Hiking Song (Words to the song)
Briskly. Words and Music by Robert Leland Fleming

1. When its springtime in Mussoorie and the cold winds cease to blow,
when the sky is blue a - bove me, then its off to the hills I go.
As I go hiking along , you'll hear me singing this song
the Tehri hills for me!
From the dawn of the day, till the moon lights my way
the Tehri Hills for me.
With a pack on my back, there is nothing I lack
with a friend who's true.
Let me hit that winding trail and go hiking a long with you.

2. When the monsoon rains are falling
And the ferns clad many a tree,
Rare flowers grow on Nag Tiba
And it's off to the hills for me.

3. When October's golden weather
Follows weeks of mist and rain,
No time of the year is better
To be off to the hills again.

(Listen for the seven calls of the Indian Cuckoo)

"Music is the road which carries us back to days past."

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