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Bells of Mussoorie (Words to the song)
Moderately. Words and Music by Robert Leland Fleming

1. When the dawn comes over the mountains
I looked out on the high snowy ranges,
and I heard the soft splash of the foun tains
and the peal-ing of sil-very bells.
[Chorus:]The bells of Mussoorie are call-ing to me from the de-o-dar vall-ey be-low.
Their clear ring-ing mel-o-dy e-choes a-far
O'er Himalayan hills that I know.
Though I may have heard the music - - - -
of cath-e-drals far o-ver the sea, - - - - -
one mem-o-ry still is dear-er: - - - - -
bells of Mussoorie 'twill be.- - - - -
When we have to part,
there's a song in my heart
which the bells of Mussoo-rie gave me. - - - -

2. On the Tehri Road winding below me
Moves a caravan in from Dhanaulti.
On the breezes which rise from the valley
Comes a chorus of tinkling bells.
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