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Announcement from Laurel Bunce Polarek '76

Recent graduates!

Woodstock will observe its 150th anniversary in 2004. Imagine that! You were part of its history, and you can now be part of its written history by adding a piece (or two or three) to put in a book celebrating the life of Woodstock -- a life well-lived!
What are your memories of Woodstock?

As you sit in your college classrooms, trying to listen to the professor drone on about coefficients, Kant or kinship groups, what images of Woodstock float through your head as easily as mist through the pine trees?

Do you think of weekend hikes to Tatur? Visits to Omi's Sweet Shop? Sports Day triumphs or disasters? Or simply the way dappled sunlight shimmered on the walls of the library? The smell of bidis and dung from a passing mulepack on Tehri Road?

What are some less pleasurable memories? They are equally important. Were you homesick? Shocked by the poverty of India, cold, maybe ill?

Write your memories down! Send them to us, by March 1, 1999 -- please!

Your writing doesn't have to be polished or elaborate. A few simple paragraphs will do; perhaps as simple as a description of a typical Saturday morning Woodstock breakfast -- was it runny scrambled eggs and limp toast? Or perhaps a few paragraphs about a walk in the bazaar?

Did you keep a journal? If so, the entries will be invaluable to you now if you choose to write and send it us. Did you do any creative writing while at Woodstock about Woodstock or India? If so, get it out again; re-read it. Can you turn it into something for 'the book'?

Yes, you can. Write something, and send it by 1 March 1999.

Write it down before that professor finishes, before the next class begins, before the term ends, before you go hurtling forward in time as fast as the waters of the Uglar River.

You see, there won't be a Better Time -- a time when your hectic life ceases and you find yourself sitting, worry-less, under your very own roof with plenty of time to write your recollections of Woodstock.

Yes, that time will come, but you will find the clarity of your recollections will have faded. Instead of memories with sharp-edged truth to them, you will have only those gilded and smoothed by passing years. At least, most of us graduates from another age have found this to be true. Those memories still have value, but they don't help us to answer the question: What was Woodstock like in the last couple of decades of the twentieth century?

So, write them down. Send them to me, and please, by March lst, 1999.
E-mail is fine. I'm at: reddog1@gateway.net.
Or by snail-mail, I'm at:

We'll all be glad you did. ( Laurel Bunce Polarek)

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