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150th celebration of Woodstock School
October 2004

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Band at the Woodstock celebrations -B Drummers in the Quad -B Quad band -Li Unfurling the Studio59 banner -R Unfurled Studio59 banner -LF
Studio59 banner with Quad flags -R Woodstock principal talking -B Vance and Robert at the Studio 59 presentation
-R 1959ers with Vance at the Studio 59 plaque
-B 1959ers with Vance at the Studio 59 plaque
Studio 59 plaque -B Inside the Studio 59 practice room -LF Dancers in the Quad celebrating Robert piano concert Class of 1959 flag in Hansen field parade
Petruska -LF
Li arrived early and Norman came again
-R Prakash's shop at the top of the hill -R Himalyan snow peaks on S's birthday -R Peace sculpture -B The 150th celebration in lights -R
NOTE: Source of photographs -B=Bob -Li=Li -LF=Lindsay -R=Robert
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