South Asia Tasvir*

Calendar, Fridge magnets, lunch boxes, and wooden masks
Premchand Calendar 2005

Madhubani Paintings (Here)
and Exhibit (Florida)
Warli || Mandla || Hindu
AI Maharaja || Suryas

Descriptive list of paintings

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July 1999 January 1999 February 1999 March 1999 April 1999 May 1999 June 1999 August 1999 September 1999 October 1999 November 1999 December 1999
Refrigerator magnets (below)
Young Krishna refrigerator magnet Shiva and Pravati refrigerator magnet Shiva refrigerator magnet Kali refrigerator magnet

Lunch boxes (metal) (below)
Kali lunch box cover
Krishna lunch box cover
Brahma lunch box cover
Saraswati lunch box cover

Wooden carved small Masks (below)
Small wooden masks

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