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Betty 2008 Click, save, and run this screensaver

Lauren's First Year Lauren's First Year October 2000

North-West Trip screen saver North West Trip in August 2000 to Oregon and Washington states, the Oregon Coast, Columbia gorge, rain forest, and visiting and staying to friends

Cascade falls screen saver Cascade falls visit in June 2000 and some of the McEldowney's mini-reunion at the time of Woody and Denise's wedding [Subject June 2000. Done August 2000, size 2.5]

Norman and Shirley 1999-2000. [Done April 2000, Size 1.5]

Frank Wesley: Christian Art of India Blue version [July 2000, size 2.0] or Green version [July 2000, size 1.7]

Select one of My Dad's favorites 2000 Dad's favorites 2000 which he carries around with him [Late June 2000, Sizes 3.7 or 6.3]

At the North Carolina Beach2000 Beach 2000 Photos [June 2000 Size = 3.4 thousand bytes]

Photos from 1950s to the present of Barbara's Past Barbara's Past [April 2000, size 1.7]

Birth and early months of Ally, Lauren, and Rachel Ally, Lauren, and Rachel [March 2000, 1.8] Woodstock School (India) Class of 1959 Class of 1959 [October 1999, size 4.2]

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