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airplane India 98. Mini-Reunion 1998
Murthy and all
Murty and all
Julie's Wedding
Julie's Wedding

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Welcome to my evolving home page. Who knows what will be on here next? * Search AltaVista or InfoSeek? Phone numbers? AnyWho? or at the Switchboard? Or Reverse-phone numbers? Who's Email address (411)? Where on the map (US) OR map (World) it is? How many counts? *1My *2Subj *3Area *29Ag96 * Here's WebCat Virgo. And the Internet Reference, the World Factbook, Colleges and Universities, Amazon Books, Poetry; Telnet to Economic and Political Weekly Index (use login of 'cis').

Violet eyesViolets in my sunny summer yard at Druid Avenue in Charlottesville, Va. (Wanna see a BIG version of this graphic?) or The Green Man this Green Man? or all; how about animation (slide-show)? A Deej page. Another page 22 Feb 1997.

I work at the University of Virginia, at the main Alderman Library, managing and servicing books and library materials for the Anthropology Department and for the Religious Studies Department, and materials from South Asia (including Tibetan) and the Middle East, for all our studious customers. Here is the Library staff, Lib usage, AnthLib, LC OvOp, CONSALD, Selection, and Uncover & access stuff. Indian newspaper - The Telegraph. Is the Wilson index here? The Scout Report

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