Women Working in Film & Video

C O N T E N T S : Volume 3 * Number 1 * 1996
Film Festivals in Northern California: Women make a strong showing. By Lauri Tanner and Betsy Harden.
Angles Interviews: Christine Choy, the head of New York University's Tisch School of the Arts graduate film program, hopes students will leave not only with the technical and business skills they need, but with an understanding of the power of film to bring about change. Independent producer Sarah Green was going to be an engineer, then she took a film class.
Screenings: Me-K Ando's Undertow explores how the loss of family and culture can affect one's body image and sexuality. By In-Fin Tuan. Films about violence against women, racism, Alzheimer's disease and human rights in Guatemala. By Elfrieda Abbe.
Briefs: Anyone know how to shoot video in sub-zero temperatures?
Exchange: People, In Progress, In Distribution, Deadlines, Festivals, Opportunities, Publications.
Postscript: Home is a place of personal expression and resistence for film/video-maker Portia Cobb. By Portia Cobb.

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