South Asia Books, 2016 June

Created on June 15, 2016


Sarkar, Tanika, Bandyopa¯dhya¯y?a, S´ekhara. Calcutta : the stormy decades. 2015.

Singh, Lata, Pati, Biswamoy. Colonial and contemporary Bihar and Jharkhand. 2014.

Ja¯vi¯d, K_h_a¯lid. Ni?mat k_h_a¯nah.2014.
Contents: Novel based on social themes.

Bronner, Yigal,  Shulman, David Dean,  Tubb,Gary A. Innovations and turning points : toward a history of Ka¯vya literature. 2014.

Ra¯hi¯, On?ka¯ra. Growth and tradition of Pahari miniature painting. 2013.

P. C. Jain. Early Indian art and architecture. 2015.

Lokesh Chandra, International Academy of Indian Culture. The Buddhist cosmopolis. 2014.

Joseph C., Mathew,  Jamia Millia Islamia (India).,Centre for Pakistan Studies. Understanding Pakistan : emerging voices from India. 2015.
Contents: Contributed articles presented at a seminar organized by Centre for Pakistan Studies, MMAJ Academy of International Studies, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi.

Ashraf, Tariq. Election 2014 : a complete documentation & analysis of Indian parliamentary elections since 1952. 2015.

Global Tiger Forum (Noida, India), Secretariat, Wildlife Trust of India. Action Tiger : Tiger action plans of 13 tiger range countries. 2014.

Amarinder Singh. Honour and fidelity : India's military contribution to the great war 1914-18. 2014.

Mishra,Giri Ratna. Lan?kes´a Ra¯van?a's Ud?d?i¯s´a Tantra = Ud?d?i¯s´atantra : with Sarveshwari English commentary & introduction. 2015.
Contents: Tantric text on black magic etc.

Mas?u¯d K_h_a¯n_, Muh?ammad At?har, Ca¯nd, ?A¯'ishah. Do gaz zami¯n : afsa¯ne va insha¯y'e. 2013.
Contents: Selected short stories, essay and plays on various themes; includes contributed articles on the life and works of Muh?ammad At?har Mas?u¯d K_h_a¯n_, 1961, Urdu author.

Husena, Ja¯bira. Yih shahar lage mohe ban. 2014.

Jayara¯s´ibhat?t?a,  Nyaupa¯ne, Ka¯s´i¯na¯tha,  S´arma¯, Ambika¯datta,  Jayara¯s´ibhat?t?a,  Jayara¯s´ibhat?t?a. Tattvopaplavasim?hah?. 2015.
Contents: Critically edited Sanskrit text with Hindi translation on Ca¯rva¯ka school of philosophy, with refutation of other schools in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism.

Va¯supu¯jya. Da¯nas´a¯sana. 2009.
Contents: Sanskrit text with Hindi explanation on Jaina doctrines of charity.