2003-2004 Report and Goals
Philip F. McEldowney [ Resume]
May 2004

2003-2004 Report:

1 and 2. Worked to provide access to resources and identify and develop information for library customers as thoroughly and quickly as possible, whether 1) through the public service of class instruction and training, reference services, and the development of digital and online resources, and 2) though the person-to-person bibliographic consultations and discussions (sometimes by email) and the selection, review, and ordering of materials.

3) Continued to build excellent collections to support academic programs within the constraints of the limited budget. Responded to purchase express requests, managed library budgets and programs.

Some Data:

Classes: taught 5 departmental classes (Anthropology: 3 undergraduate, 1 graduate; Religious Studies: 1 graduate) and 6 ENWR classes. Evaluations were 98% positive, most appreciated were handouts and outlines available online after the sessions. Created a popular "getting a book" web page.

Reference Desk: Worked to provide public service 2 hours each week and some hours on Saturdays. Such service keeps me in touch with current and changing needs of library customers, and helps me develop and evaluate how to try to best answer customer questions. Also learned how to do basic circulation of materials, and added that role to my reference responsibilities.

Reference and research emails: about 4 per week or 208 per year. These ranged in topic from 'how do I find [email address, book title, article, etc]' and 'put this on hold for me' to 'order this title [movie, journal]' to 'what did this author write, please provide a list of all Hindi books,' 'what Indian movies do we have with English subtitles,' etc.

Creation and access: As requested by a professor, digitized three 1950s BF Skinner lectures and over a 5-month period converted, formatted, produced CDs, cataloged, and added those materials to the library, providing access for the professor and others; continued working on 3 other similar projects; met several times with Tibetan and Himalayan Digital Library creators to discuss cataloging and meta-data issues and procedures for providing access to those materials.

Bibliographic consultations and tours: about 10 consultations during the year, mostly in my office, and led tours of the library and its stacks for visiting Tibetan, Chinese, and South Asian scholars.

New titles and managing funds: Religious Studies ordered 391 titles (paid 327) , Anthropology ordered 77 titles (paid 58), History about 14, AMEL about 18. Reviewed about 1550 titles received from South Asia, deselecting around 48. Reviewed about 212 Arabic titles selected by University professors from around 2400 titles on Arabic lists, and ordered around 175 of those. Managed funds for these programs. Unknown how many new titles were added from approval plans in my areas. One special Tibetan title: purchased and added 16 volumes as strongly requested by Tibetan professors, as well as 7 digital (PDF) Tibetan titles.

Donations and gifts: Arranged for one gift of unique Japanese titles (about 80 titles) from a Williamsburg professor, and spent several hours with a retired University professor to sift through and identifying the contents of a gift from a politician of India of his collection of papers, reports, and government assembly debates which will be added to the Special Collections at the University.

Supervise: Did an evaluation for one supervised position (Library Assistant for Tibetan and South Asia materials). Consulted with him over selecting new monographic titles; discussed future space and location for books and shelving; arranged for and provided bibliographic information and toured the library for visiting Chinese and Tibetan scholars.

Committees: participated in several sessions of the end of a three-year SDS (Supporting Digital Scholarship) committee; participated as a member of the committee to recommend policies and actions about ProQuest Digital Dissertations; worked with a "space committee" for the future Weinstein Collection and the move of offices, collections, and shelving from 5th floor to 2nd floor. I again measured shelf space, recorded it, and provided statistics about the Asian Reading Room and the Weinstein Collection. Considered the 2nd floor vault as shelving for Tibetan materials. Participated in meetings of the Center of South Asian Studies and made suggestions about library materials and video collections, and the development of digital materials, during the present 3-year cycle when the Center is not federally funded. Wrote a Center's newletter section on South Asia acquisitions.

Web presence: maintained and updated pages listing library selectors, and the Anthropology and Religious Studies library web pages.

Professional matters (as a librarian, historian, and South Asianist): kept up to date by attending conferences, seminars, reading articles, participating in listservs and email, attending library training classes, and continuing to develop and maintain web pages.
**Attended two conferences: the South Asia conference (Madison, October 2003) and the Conference for the Association of Asian Studies (San Diego, March 2004), participating in the meetings of South Asian Librarians, South Asia Microfilm Project, and Digital South Asia, attending many scholarly sessions, and discussing library and other matters with colleagues.
**Attended weekly seminars at the University of Virginia during the academic year on South Asia and Anthropology.
**Continued to serve as webmaster for CONSALD and remained a member of its executive committee, and participated in listserv discussions.
**Maintained websites for the table of contents of some journals; revived a web page listing syllabi about South Asia cinema.
**Thinking and planning: discussed with other librarians to revise and promote the digital scholarship initiatives and communication, and developing digital content.
**Worked with other librarians and scholars to build and promote the Digital South Asia Library and the Tibetan and Himalayan Digital Library as funded by national grants.

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Philip McEldowney
May 2004

2003-2004 Goals:

1. Continue to develop collections and information resources in my areas of responsibilities, providing easy access, and evaluating and strengthening service to meet customer needs.

2. Manage departmental, program, and special funds for the purchase of materials, working with researchers and other librarians, reviewing, evaluating, and selecting materials to add to the collection.

3. Continue strong involvement with electronic initiatives, developing skills and collaborating with others to create sources and to develop ways to provide easy access to digital materials which will stimulate scholarship.

4. Coordinate and work with others in planning for and carrying out the move this year from the Fifth Floor to the Second floor in Alderman library of the Tibetan library assistant's and my office.

5. Evaluate and improve the library services for the Middle East collections.

6. Identify and pursue appropriate professional opportunities to develop new skills or improve on them and to keep abreast with changing technologies to better serve library customers.

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