University of Virginia Lectures

Page-Barbour and James W. Richard Lectures

1959 B.F. Skinner.
Education: A Technology of Behavior [sound recordings]
      1. Cane killed Able
      2. Knowing and thinking
      3. The control of culture

2001 April. Christopher A. Bayly.
Nationalism and Globalizations: Britons, South Asians and Others, c.1750-1950 [full-text]
      1. Patria as Process: The Eighteenth Century
      2. Rights and Rites: The Nineteenth Century
      3. Race, War, and Propaganda: The Twentieth Century

2002 April. David Shulman.
Emptiness, Poetry, and the Making of God in South India [sound recordings]
      1. The Riddle of Daksharama
      2. Cursing and Filling
      3. Fusing God into God


Rotunda Lecture

2003 October. Romila Thapar
Somanatha : the many voices of a history [video and full-text]


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