South Asia Book Vendors
and OnLine Sources

  • Bagchee Indian Book Dealer

  • Central News Agency New Delhi - SERIALS (not books)

  • DK Agencies Agencies books. Also has an online search engine - amazingly good!

  • India Club - an online bookstore

  • Indian Books Centre. Online Book Source.

  • Indus Books Used & Out of Print Books on India & South Asia

  • Khazana: India Arts OnlineBookshop Online. For India-related titles; claims 70% more than

  • K. K. Agencies An Online Store of Indian Publications with an extensive BookSearch DataBase updated every week. Also issues periodic e-mail updates on new books.
    See their email lists of Latest Books, such as for July 1998, May 1998, April 1998, March 1998, 20 January 1998, 14 January 1998, 09 December 1997, 06 November 1997, 17 October 1997, 03 October 1997, September 1997, August 1997, and July 1997. Have a look at their Subject Catalog - They will customize a bibliography for you via email; also their Customer Service email.

  • Manohar emails topical bibliographies, about once a month. No. 18 is on Nuclear Weapons (June 1998). See their Index page, and some of their lists, e.g. No. 6, No. 7, No. 8, No. 9, No. 10, No. 11, No. 12, No. 13, No. 14, No. 15, and No. 16 / 17.

  • Navrang Books and Magazines

  • Oxford University Press - Pakistan. Karachi.

  • Sang-e-Meel Pakistani pubications

  • South Asia Books A good, general U.S. source.

  • Sri Lankan Books

  • UBS Publishers' Distributors UBS Publishers' Distributors

  • Vedams Books - Subject catalogs of books with Table of Contents and other information.

  • List of South Asia Book Vendors and Exporters [From Sarai, Columbia University]

  • Register of Asian Bookshops Online

  • See also the Heffers: site in Cambridge, England (W. Heffer & Sons Ltd). They are developing a web site, whose stock of publications is searchable by subject browsing for things like "South Asia" and "History before 1947".
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