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The Gateway to India, Bombay
The Gateway to India, Bombay

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Author's Comments

This series of stories has a history. Christmas 1996 Scott Conard challenged me to write about some of my family's unusual experiences in a form for children. The idea intrigued me and I was soon at it.

My wife, Jeanne, has patiently lived through the tedious hours I have sat at my computer. She has helped me put these pages together. More than that she has encourged me at every stage of the production. All my children have added their suggestions and given other assistance. This is a team effort and I am greateful for all the assistance and encouragement they have given me.

Bradenton, Fl. August, 1997

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Copyright 1997 James E. McEldowney
7307 19th Ave. N. W. Bradenton, Fl. 34209

All rights reserved including the right of
reproduction in whole or in part

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Reporduced privately for James E. McEldowney

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