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From Stanley Thoburn's "Simtolavi's Poems" (1968) p. 70-71

63 The Senior Citizen of Jubbulpore
[See Note below]

The honored senior citizen of Jubbulpore,
Who strolled in measured dignity in days of yore,
Was slow complacent Mister Greensand Dinosaur.

He walked about his vast estate to make survey;
Inspecting swampy lakes and streams throughout the day,
And making footprints in the miry beds of clay.

[page 71]

When times had changed and population moved away,
Twas civic pride that caused this citizen to stay
And beautify the spot until his dying day.

Though unappreciated in his day and age.
Of local history 'twas he began the page,
And so the scientists now look to him as sage.

When from his arduous tasks he sought a rest, e'en brief,
He went to Simla's hills and there be found relief,
Until, at last, 'twas there he came to tragic grief.

Thus ancient, easy-going Mister Dinosaur.
Who lived in prehistoric times that are no more,
Was first and foremost citizen of Jubbulpore.

NOTE, from p. 180.
"Poem 63. Fossils of large dinosaurs were unearthed in the "greensand beds" of two hillocks in Jabalpur in the 1920's and 1930's. Lametasaurus indicus (a stegasaur) and Titanosaurus indicus (a sauroped) were best represented."

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