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Story Term = Pronunciation
Kashmir Holiday Almora = Al as in alloy, more, uh
Kashmir Holiday Amritsar = Am as in alms, ritz, ur as in urge
Dinosaur Bone Bara Simla = Bar as in burn, uh, sim as in simple, luh
Dinosaur Bone Chhota Simla = Cho as in show, tuh, simla as above
To India Bombay = Bomb bay
To India burka = bur - boor, kah
Near Tibet Calcutta = kal rhymes with gal, cut, uh
Kashmir Fairy Land chinar = chin, r
Snakes cobra = ko, o as in oh, bra as in brush
Story Term = Pronunciation
Kashmir Fairy Land Dal = doll with a slight touch to the o
Near Tibet Darjeeling = Dar as in darn, gee, ling as in fling
Kashmir Holiday Dehra Dun = dehr like dare, uh, doon
Camping Deosari = de - day, long o, sar rhymes bar, ee
Mahatma Gandhi dhoti = dho as in doe, tee
Christmas dias = dee, uz as in buzz
At Sea Durban = Dur ghymes with her, ban like bun
Golconda Fort Golconda = Gol like Gaul, kon (a con artist), duh
Story Term = Pronunciation
Mahatma Gandhi Harijans = Har as in her, i - long e, juns like huns
Rhine Heidelburg = Heidel - idle with an h, burg as in iceburg
Kashmir Holiday Himalayas = Him, ul, lay - yaz
To India Hyderabad = High, der rhymes with her, uh, bad (bad boy)
Birthday Elephant Iniut = In, eye, ut
Kashmire - a Fairy Land Jabalpur = Jub rhymes with tub, ul, poor
Jagdalpur Jungles Jagdalpur = Jag - jug, dal - dull, poor
Kashmir Holiday Jammu = Jum as in jump, moo
Story Term = Pronunciation
Near Tibet Kachenjunga = cutch like clutch, un as in under, jung as in hung, guh
Scary? Katni = cut, knee
Kashmir - a Fairy Land Kashmir = cash, mere
Lost Kew = like the letter q
Game Preserve Kanha Kishli = con, uh, kish rhymes with fish. lee
Kashmir Holiday Kin Craig = Kin (cousin), kreg as in beg
Rhine Kohn = once called Cologne. rhymes with bone
Snakes Krait = as if spelled kright rhymes with night
At Sea Krakatau = crack, uh, tau rhymes with bough
School Party Landour = land, our as in hour
Story Term = Pronunciation
Barbara Tells Madan Mahal = mud, un as in uneven, mu as in much, hull
Rhine Mannheim = mei - my, ring, en asn in end
Hindu Festival mela = may, luh
Rhine Meringen = mei - my, ring, en as in end
At Sea Mombassa = mom (mother), bass as in brass, uh
Easter Mussoorie = Mus oor, ee
Hindu Festival Nerbudda = Ner rhymes with pear, bud like mud, dah
Birthday Elephant Nagpur = Nag as in jag, poor
Story Term = Pronunciation
Scary? octroi = ock as in lock, troi - ancient city Troy
In Tents Palgham = Pal (close friend), gham -am like Tom
Jagdalpur Jungles Raipur = rye, poor
Jagdalpur Jungles Raja = Ra (rah, rah, rah), jah as in jaw
Kashmir Fairy Land Rawalpindi = Rawl rhymes with ball, pin, dee
Kashmir Holiday Rewa = Ree, wah
Story Term = Pronunciation
Birthday Elephant Selma = sell, mah
Mahatma Gandhi Sevagram = sev - save, uh, gram rhymes with Tom
Kashmir Holiday Shalimar = Shall, i as in it, mar (to mar something)
Kashmir Fairy Land shikara = shi as in shift, car, uh
Kashmir Fairy Land Sikh = sick
Kashmir Fairy Land Srinagar = Sri rhymes with tree, nug - as in nugget, er
Hiking & Camping Teri = Ter rhymes with hear, ee
Hindu Festival Tiwarighat = Ti as in tip, wari rhymes with sari, got
At Sea Trinidad = Trin as in trinket, nuh as in huh, dad
Birthday Elephant Yusufji = you, suf as in sufficient, gee
Easter Zaheerabad = Zah -zuh u as in huh?, hear, uh, bad
Story Term = Pronunciation
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