Women-centric sites

From Washington Post, 26 May 1997.
Why doesn't the Post hyperlink these? Huh?
Victoria Shannon's article on "women-centric" sites (though she nonetheless flinches at the idea of these type of sites.)

While on the topic of Women Centric sites, have a look at
  • Sawnet South Asian Women's NETwork.
    Interested in all things on South Asia, I find this site very interesting, but males should take note about Sawnet's Discussion List -
    The [http://www.sawnet.org/list/woman-only.html] disucssion list is restricted to women only by the consensus vote of the members. Please respect this decision, and do not subscribe to Sawnet if you are male.

  • And another good site on South Asian Women

  • Here's a book written by a South Asian woman - Mehta's Snakes and Ladders
  • Have a look at the wondeful Madhubani folk painting by women of northern India.
    Victoria Shannon can be reached by e-mail at VShannon on America Online, CompuServe, MSN and Prodigy.
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