India Trip - 1998 February & March
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of the trip.

NOTE: These are proposed schedules only.
As of 06 Jan 1997, no confirmed or solid trips.
Also see Airline Schedules and Railway Schedules, also found under Anne's travel information page.
And various Links. See Second Section of trip below.

First Section of Trip. February/early March 1998 Delhi stay
and travel around central India. Philip and Deej.

Fly from Charlottesville (8th Feb) to Delhi (10th Feb)

[Thanks to Mr. Musa of Wholesale Travel Centre for air-tickets arrangements]
Charlottesville to Washington, D.C. by car on Sunday 8th Feb
Dulles (1900) to London (705) on Virgin Atlantic Flt 22M
London (1000) to Bahrain (1950) on Gulf Air on Monday 9th Feb Flt: 2L
Bahrain (2100) to Delhi (340) on Gulf Air Flt 134L, arv 10th Feb.

10th Feb - 22 Feb. in Delhi
World Book Fair. Publishsers. Library of Congress Delhi. Shopping. Archives. Monuments. Kutib Minar. "Clock." Humayan's tomb. Red Fort. Jama Masjid. D. Baker at St. Stephens College.

Trip to go down to Nagpur on the 22nd Feb (spend 24th Philip's birthday in birthplace), to other parts of central India and Madhya Pradesh, [Also Madhya Pradesh] to Kanha Kishli game reserve around 25th/26th Feb, for 1 or 2 nights, on way to Jabalpur by around Feb. 28th, to Pachmarhi on 4th March on way to Delhi by 6th March.

22nd Feb Sun, Delhi (22:30) to Nagpur (14:25), TAMILNADU EXPRESS
22nd, 23rd, 24th nights in Nagpur: Trips to museum, to orange market, to Ramtek hill temple, to reservoir; Mayo hospital, Sitabaldi hill, Central Provinces history archives. Contact Nelu Macwan; Arhive staff.

25th Feb Wed, Nagpur to Kanha Kishli
Nagpur (1029 AZAD HIND 8:30) to Gondia (10:40), Gondia (1 SATPURA EXP. 1415) to Nainpur (1735), bus to Khana Kishli 25th and 26th nights in Kishli, tour sanctuary on 26th

27th Feb Fri, Kanha Kisli to Jabalpur
Bus Khana Kisli to Nainpur, Nainpur (1 SATPURA EXP. 1745) to Jabalpur (2200) rail 27th, 28th, 1st March nights in Jabalpur. Possibly at the Jackson Hotel (Cant.); Leonard Theological College and Presler's Religious Department; Marble Rocks, Madan Mahal, Hills, Hunuman Tal, market place. Contacts - M. Misra, Murthy.

2rd March Tues, Jabalpur to Pachmarhi
Rail to Piparia (5220 DHARBHANGA-KURLA Exp 950-1227) and bus to Pachmarhi. 3rd and 4th nights in student lodge - falls and sunset trips

4th March Thurs, Pachmarhi to Delhi
Bus to Piparia and rail Piparia (3201 PATNA/KURLA EXP 1815) to Itarsi (1950), and Itarsi (2627 KARNATAKA EXP 2330) to New Delhi (1210) 5th night, meet other Woodstockites, ready for departure of air tour.

Second Section of India Trip. March 1998. Airtrips
and Mussoorie. Woodstockites.
**** Trips during 6th - 23rd March 1998. Party of 5. ******
3 other classmates would like to join Deej and me for a whirl-wind air trip from Delhi, to (2 nights in each of these 4 tourist places) Kathmandu, Varanasi, Khajuraho, Agra, Delhi, Mussoorie, Delhi March 6th and March 22nd. Possible schedule for the 5 of us -

Party of 2 and then ++ (See actual flights of Indian Airways at below ***)

Lv. AIR Delhi to Kathmandu 6th March Fri.
Lv. AIR Kathmandu to Varanasi 8th March Sunday afternoon. Alice and Melissa Clague join.
Lv. AIR Varanasi to Khajuraho 9th March Tuesday
Lv. AIR Khajuraho to Agra 11th March Thrus (full moon 12th night). Li Chu joins.
Lv. AIR Agra for Delhi 13th Friday

Spend 13th night in Delhi (Jaipur Inn or Vikram Hotel?)
Robert Bonham joins the 5 of us = 6 in party

14 March Delhi to Mussoorie.
Lv. RAIL Delhi (7:10 am) for DehraDun (12:25 pm) by RAIL, SHATABDI EXPRESS, 14th Sat., 7:10 am
Bus to Mussoorie

Woodstock School Woodstock stay 14th Sat - 21st Sat.
Woodstock School March 1998 Calendar
Work in Alumni office - 16th, 17th, 19th, and 20th.

15th Sunday Church, etc. Afternoon out to Haunted House, Jaberkat, Flag Hill
16th Mon. Piano Concert at Woodstock School
17th Tues. Alice and Melissa Clague to Delhi
18th Wed. or earlier? Side trip by car to base of Nag Tiba and hike up, and back.

21 March Mussoorie to Delhi
Lv. Mussoorie by bus, 21st Sat. to Dehra Dun RAIL (1700) to Delhi (2220) SHATABDI EXPRESS

21st and 22nd nights in Delhi (Jaipur Inn or Vikram Hotel?)

Delhi to Charlottesville 23rd - 24th March.
Lv. Delhi to States by Gulf Air, 23rd Monday.
Delhi (730) to Bahrain (930) by Gulf Air, Monday 23d March Flt. 135L
Bahrain hotel 930 - 140 or 14 hour layover
Bahrain (140) to London (620) by Gulf Air, Tues. 24th March Flt. 7L
London (1045) to Dulles (1355) by Virgin Atlantic Flt. 21M
Washington to Charlottesville by car


*** Indian Airlines listed flights (Fares to and from Kathmandu NA)

 Flt. No Plane Dep   Arr Stops Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun J Class Y Class
 6th March     Delhi Kathmandu
 IC 813  AB3   1115  1300  0                   F6 Mar

 8th March     Kath. Varanasi
 IC 751  320   1450  1530  0                            Su8 Mar

 9th March    Varan. Khajuraho
 IC 408  737   1140   1225 0    M9 Mar                        NA     $60

 11th March    Khaj.  Agra
 IC 408  737   1255   1340 0             W11 Mar              NA      $60
 IC 408  737   1420   1500 0                                  NA      $60

 13th March    Agra   Delhi
 IC 408  737   1410   1450 0                    F13 Mar       NA      $40

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