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"'Bandit Queen' of India freed after 11 years."--News. SAN FRANCISCO
CHRONICLE:  Feb 20, 1994, A, 17:1. LENGTH: Medium (6-18 col inches).
FEATURES: Photograph.  ABSTRACT:  Phoolan Devi, the gun-toting "Bandit
Queen" of India and darling of the downtrodden, walked out of a New Delhi
court on Feb 19, 1994 a free woman after spending 11 years in jail on
charges of murdering 18 landowners.  Devi was never tried for the alleged
crimes. SUBJECT TERMS:  Prisoners; Devi, Phoolan; New Delhi India.

Bradshaw, Jon. "The Bandit Queen." (Dacoit P Devi). ESQUIRE 104:73-5+ Oct '85. il por. SUBJECT TERMS: Devi, Phoolan; Crime and criminals--India. ABSTRACT: The writer recounts a trip to India to seek out Phoolan Devi, the legendary Bandit Queen, said to be a charming one-armed nymphomaniac willing to kill anyone who gets in her way. Once when her gang was robbing a bank, or so the story goes, she went to the roof of the building and sang to the crowd below, entrancing even the police. Armed with background, the writer is determined to meet the woman. He learns that she is not what she is reported to be but is memorable nonetheless.

Burns, John F. "Bandit queen returns, an angel to the oppressed."--News. NEW YORK TIMES: Feb 23, 1994, A, 4:3. LENGTH: Long (18+ col inches). FEATURES: Photograph, Map. ABSTRACT: Phoolan Devi, one of India's best-known women, is profiled. Also known as the Bandit Queen, the Avenging Angel and the Rebel of the Ravines, Devi is a lower-caste fisherman's daughter who seems poised to ride a new tide in Indian politics as a symbol of the revolt against lower-class misery. SUBJECT TERMS: Personal profiles; Social classes; Politics; Devi, Phoolan; India.

Burns, John F. "Bandit Queen returns, an angel to the oppressed." NEW YORK TIMES (Late New York Edition) A4 Feb 23 '94. il por map. SUBJECT TERMS: Devi, Phoolan; Crime and criminals--History--India; India--Politics and government. ABSTRACT: (Feb. 22) India's legendary Bandit Queen, Phoolan Devi, was released from prison last weekend and seems poised to ride a new tide in Indian politics as a symbol of the revolt against lower-class misery. The leader of a band of rural robbers, Devi was imprisoned for 11 years without trial for the murder of 22 upper-caste landowners in Uttar Pradesh State. Lower-caste political parties are hoping to make her their candidate.

Dahlburg, John-Thor. "'Bandit queen' freed in India after 11 years."--News. LOS ANGELES TIMES: Feb 20, 1994, A, 4:3. LENGTH: Medium (6-18 col inches). ABSTRACT: On Feb 19, 1994, Phoolan Devi, India's most celebrated female outlaw who is known as the horse-riding "bandit queen," was released after 11 years in jail. Phoolan is briefly profiled. SUBJECT TERMS: Prisoners; Personal profiles; Devi, Phoolan; India.

Dahlburg, John-Thor. "'The Bandit Queen' still an outcast in India."--News. LOS ANGELES TIMES: Oct 20, 1994, F, 1:5. LENGTH: Long (18+ col inches). ABSTRACT: The objection in India to the film "The Bandit Queen," a film by S. S. (Bobby) Bedi that profiles a downtrodden, abused woman who seeks revenge on an unjust society, is discussed. Both the film's real-life subject and Indian censors object to the sex, violence, and depiction of the caste system. SUBJECT TERMS: Motion pictures; Censorship; Bedi, S S (Bobby).

Dutka, Elaine. "'Bandit Queen' eligible for Oscar try."--News. LOS ANGELES TIMES: Nov 4, 1994, F, 2:3. LENGTH: Long (18+ col inches). FEATURES: Photograph. ABSTRACT The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences informed producer S.S. (Bobby) Bedi that his film "The Bandit Queen" qualifies for Academy Award consideration. SUBJECT TERMS: Motion pictures; Academy awards; Bedi, S S (Bobby).

Ellison, Mike. "Bandit queen settles for cash."--News. Guardian: Mar 11, 1995, 1, 14:1. LENGTH: Medium (6-18 col inches). ABSTRACT: Phoolan Devi, whose war against oppressors made her a hero in India, abandoned her battle on Mar 10, 1995 against the film made on her life by Shekhar Kapur. Devi accepted an out-of-court settlement of @40,000 from Britain's Channel 4, which commissioned the film. SUBJECT TERMS: Settlements & damages; Motion pictures; Devi, Phoolan; Channel 4-UK; India.

Fischer, Mary A. "Two actresses vie to escape Hollywood's caste system--by playing India's bandit queen." (Dacoit P Devi). PEOPLE WEEKLY 21:46-7 Jun 11 '84. il pors. SUBJECT TERMS: Devi, Phoolan; Bono, Susie; Khambatta, Persis; Crime and criminals--India.

Frain, Irene. PHOOLAN. Roli Books, 1994. Trans. from French by Carol Brick. Extracts in Telegraph: 18 Dec 1994, Magazine section, p. 12-15.

"Hands up." The Economist 333:116-17 Nov 12 '94. SUBJECT TERMS: Devi, Phoolan.

Holden, Stephen. "BANDIT QUEEN." (Movie review) New York Times (Late New York Edition) 18 Mar 18 '95. FEATURES: il. ABSTRACT: Shekhar Kapur's "Bandit Queen" is a rip-roaring action adventure film The movie tells the real-life story of Phoolan Devi, the former leader of a band of Indian outlaws that dealt in robbery, kidnapping, and murder. Devi, who was arrested in 1983 and held in prison for 11 years without a trial, is regarded by a significant percentage of India's poor as a goddess with a kind of Robin Hood mystique. Seema Biswas's viscerally compelling performance in the title role lends the film a white-hot core of passion. SUBJECT TERMS: Kapur, Shekhar; Motion picture reviews--Single works.

Kempley, Rita. "'Bandit Queen': Well-Caste Drama." (Movie review) Washington Post, 28 June 1995, C1,C5. URL:

"Lady killer." (Dacoit P Devi). TIME 121:27 Feb 14 '83. por. SUBJECT TERMS: Devi, Phoolan; Crime and criminals--India.

Malcolm, Derek. "Bombay time bomb."--Commentary. Guardian: Feb 16, 1995, 2, 8:5. LENGTH: Medium (6-18 col inches). FEATURES: Photograph. ABSTRACT: Derek Malcolm details his interview with director Shekhar Kapur about his film "Bandit Queen," which starred Seema Biswas as the former real life outlaw Phoolan Devi in India. SUBJECT TERMS: Motion pictures; Personal profiles; Kapur, Shekhar; Devi, Phoolan; Biswas, Seema.

Malcolm, Derek. "Winning through."--Commentary. GUARDIAN: May 19, 1994, 2, 6:1. LENGTH: Medium (6-18 col inches). ABSTRACT: Derek Malcolm discusses the May 1994 premier of the motion picture "The Bandit Queen" directed by Shekhar Kapur, which opened at the Cannes (France) film festival. SUBJECT TERMS: Motion pictures; Motion picture festivals; Kapur, Shekhar; Cannes France.

McDonald, Hamish 1948-. "Queen's gambit." Far Eastern Economic Review 157:29 Nov 3 '94. SUBJECT TERMS: Devi, Phoolan; Crime and criminals--India.

Moore, Molly. "Outrage of the outlaw : India's famed Bandit Queen aims to quash film on her life."--News. Washington Post: Dec 26, 1994, B, 1:6. LENGTH: Long (18+ col inches). FEATURES: Photograph. ABSTRACT: "Bandit Queen," the movie depicting the life of Phoolan Devi, who is known as the leader of a gang of robbers that took from the high caste and gave to the low caste in India, has become one of the most controversial motion pictures ever to come out of Bombay's "Bollywood" studios. SUBJECT TERMS: Motion pictures; Devi, Phoolan; India.

Prasad, Udayan. "Woman on the edge." Sight & Sound ns5:14-17 Feb '95. FEATURES: il. SUBJECT TERMS: Devi, Phoolan; Kapur, Shekhar; Motion pictures--India; Motion pictures--Biographical films; Motion pictures--Production and direction.

Rajadhyaksha, Ashish. "Beyond Bandit queen." SIGHT & SOUND Ns4:5 Oct '94. SUBJECT TERMS: Kapur, Shekhar; Motion picture censorship--India; Motion pictures--Biographical films.

Rattansi, Afshin. "Vengeful Times in Chambal Valley."--Book Review-Favorable. GUARDIAN: Sep 19, 1991, 25:5. LENGTH: Medium (6-18 col inches). ABSTRACT: Afshin Rattansi reviews Mala Sen's biography of Phoolan Devi entitled "India's Bandit Queen." Devi became a mass murderer after suffering a gang-rape and the murder of her lover in 1981. SUBJECT TERMS: Books-titles; Books-authors; Biographies; Rape; Mass murders; Nonfiction; Devi, Phoolan; Sen, Mala; India.

Rettie, John. "Bandit queen to be freed on parole."--News. GUARDIAN: Feb 19, 1994, 1, 14:1. LENGTH: Medium (6-18 col inches). FEATURES: Photograph. ABSTRACT: After 11 years in jail without a trial, Phoolan Devi--romanticized as the low-caste "bandit queen" who rode through northern India murdering, robbing and kidnapping while helping the poor--was ordered for release on parole on Feb 18, 1994 as the state of Uttar Pradesh dropped nearly 50 charges. SUBJECT TERMS: Parole & probation; Criminals; Devi, Phoolan; India.

Rettie, John. "Censors ban film on Bandit Queen."--News. GUARDIAN: Aug 31, 1994, 1, 7:1. LENGTH: Medium (6-18 col inches). ABSTRACT: An Indian film based on the life of the legendary Phoolan Devi, which contains graphic depiction of violence and rape against low-caste women in rural areas, was banned by the nation's censor board on Aug 30, 1994. The film, titled "Bandit Queen," is based on a biography of Devi. SUBJECT TERMS: Motion pictures; Censorship; Devi, Phoolan; India.

Sen, Mala 1947-, and Rita Manchanda. "India's bandit queen (BOOK REVIEW) the true story of Phoolan Devi." REVIEWED BY Manchanda, Rita. FAR EASTERN ECONOMIC REVIEW 155:30-1 Jun 4 '92.

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Sen, Mala. "The outlaw."--Commentary. Guardian: Dec 8, 1994, 2, 6:3. LENGTH: Long (18+ col inches). FEATURES: Photograph. ABSTRACT: Mala Sen profiles famed Indian "Bandit Queen" Phoolan Devi, and notes that Devi opposes the film which Sen has made of Devi's life and imprisonment. SUBJECT TERMS: Personal profiles; Documentary films; Devi, Phoolan; India.

Shears, Richard, and Isobelle Gidley. DEVI: THE BANDIT QUEEN. London : Allen & Unwin, 1984. 244 p. SUBJECT TERMS: Phoolan Devi; Brigands and robbers--India--Biography. (ALDERMAN LIBRARY HV6248.P56 S5 1984b)

Upadhyay, Pradeep. "The Bandit Queen" (Film Review). URL:

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