Family Album

Christmas 2002
James and Jeanne Christmas 2002
Mark, Rachel, Lauren, Brian 2002
Philip and Deej Christmas 2002
Betty and Dick with grandkids 2002
Christmas 2001
Carlsons Christmas 2001
Tim, Kathy, Mark, Rachel, and Brian Christmas 2001
Deej and Philip Christmas 2000
Betty and Dick with grandkids 2001
Christmas 2000
Lauren Carlson Christmas 2000
Mark, Rachel, and Brian Christmas 2000
Deej and Philip Christmas 2000
Dick and Betty with Scott's family
Christmas 1999
Lauren Christmas 1999
Brian, Rachel, and Mark Christmas 1999
Deej and Philip Lenane Eire Christmas 1999
His mother and Amahl
Allyson Fitts 18 Sept 1999
Lauren Carlson 7 Oct 1999
Waterford McEldowneys Sept 1999
Friends of central India
Fitts Christmas 1998
Matt, Julie, and Dad (Philip) at 
Simpson College Homecoming Oct 1997
Jeanne and Dad 1998
Robert McEldowney's children in March 1997?
Young Jakob Fitts
Matt and Julie Wedding 1997 Nov 15
4 My Generations 17 May 1995
Kent Schulz
Brian and Mark 1996
Philip, Dad, and Jeanne 1994 Summer
Christy Conard d. Jan 1997
Benjie, Ginny, and Crysta
Julie at Jefferson High School
Tim's family 1993, Ginny's wedding
Other Scholars/Friends
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