[WOSA Reunion 2001]

In The Shadow of Shadows:
A Woodstock Alumni Spouses Organization song
(To be sung to the tune of " Shadows" by Robert Leland Fleming)
Lyrics by Chuck Inman, Spouse of
Nancy Aldrich Inman, Woodstock Class of '49
First sung at the 2001 WOSA Reunion
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Stanza #l:
In the shadow of the shadows
Some must feel this way
Yes, I'm a Woodstock spouse, and
This is what I say

Chorus: (Repeat after each Stanza)
Dear one, if you're American
Dear one, you sure don't act like one
Dear one, why do you pick up so much with your toes
Don't flush the toilets, seems nobody knows

Help me, know of this other land
I'll try, soon I may understand
We shall, grow more together as we move along
This makes me happy, you know.

Stanza #2:
Woodstockites is what they call them
This is what they say
Yet, I have often wondered
How they got this way

Stanza #3
We keep hearing all these words now
Heft and Chut, you see
Still it seems very strange, why
None of these are we

Stanza #4:
You should really get to know us
Spouses all are we
Also from many places
Interesting, you see

Stanza #5:
We have spoken, have you heard us ? WOSA, WASO too
Love and support we give, for
We are all for you

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