` Mali Adventure. 44th Mini-Class59 reunion. January 2003
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Planning the Mali Adventure. January 2003
44th Mini-Class59 reunion
Joie planned the tour. Philip merely webbed it:
Originally on 19 December 2002
Class of 59

30 December 2002 Monday. Arrive Bamako 30th night.
Reservations 30th--2nd at a small hotel near our house. The price right now it's at $?? for a double; $?? for a single. Bamako
You could eat WELL for $?? a day. I don't think you'd need that much. When we return to BKO for the last few days you'd have the choice of staying in our guest house for $?.?? (comfortable cot; shared kitchen, etc.) or could go to a nicer hotel where they have pool, etc. Or--return to the same hotel.

31 December 2002 Tuesday. Mountougoula
New Year's Eve they are going to do a traditional marionette show for you in Mountougoula. This is a village about 30 minutes out of town where we've spent lots of time and John has one of his shops. Village
I'd have prefered doing this the 1st but New Year's Eve is a big deal. They couldn't promise to do it the 1st because everyone would be tired from the 31st! This way the village has a big party New Year's Eve. This will be a late night but we'll take it easy that day and the next.

1-2 January 2003 Wednesday-Thursday. Bamako.

Segou mosque

3 January 2003 Friday. Trip begins to Baraoueli and on to Segou.
Friday the 3rd we start the trip with a visit Baraoueli for the day, drive on to Segou for a day and 2 nights. Niger boat

4 January 2003 Saturday. Segou.
We'll take a boat trip and visit the Niger fish old part of the city, etc.

5 January 2003 Sunday. To Djenne.
Sunday we drive to Djenne and spend about 24 hours there. Djenne market
We'll be in the home of friends there.

6 January 2003 Monday. To Severe.
We hope to be in Severe by Monday noon, staying in Mac's Refuge--a guest house operated by a former missionary who was born in Mopti and grew up in Dogon country.


7 January 2003 Tuesday. to Timbucktu.
Tuesday morning to Wednesday morning we'll be in Timbucktu. I've asked a Baptist pastor there to plan our day. He is famous for his tours of Timbucktu.

Taureg camels

8 January 2003 Wednesday. Timbucktu and back to Severe and on to Douenza.
When we get back to Severe we'll have lunch and rest at Mac's and then drive 2 hours (paved road) to Douenza. We've decided to spend 2 nights there. We'll have a Tourag tent to sleep in. It has matresses and nets, and they have 'good' facilities. I think this will be a really cool place. We're staying two nights here instead of one because the elephants are pretty far north this time of year and it will take all day to see them.


9 January 2003 Thursday. Douenza and elephants.

10 January 2003 Friday. Back to Severe along the Dogon cliff
Dogon cliff The next day we'll drive the long way back to Severe--along the Dogon cliff. This will be rough driving but you can't see Dogon villages/scenery on good roads. About a 6 hour drive.

11 January 2003 Saturday. Back to Segou.
Saturday we'll drive back to Segou, spend the night drive 3 hours to visit our friends in another village; spend the night; return to Bamako the next morning.

Niger river

12 January 2003 Sunday. To a village and back to Bamako.

13-16 January 2003 Monday-Thursday. Bamako.
We've figured the trip--the 3rd through the 13th will cost us $??? each--including lodging, food, the plane ticket to Timbucktu and tourist taxes, paying guides, etc. We think we may have figured high but we want to be sure and have enough money along.

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26-30 DecParis stay. Hotel Londres Saint-Honore
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30 Dec - 16 Jan.Mali tour
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