[Miss Gertrude Moss: In Memoriam in 1959 Whispering Pine, p. 10]



     The passing of Miss Gertrude Moss to higher service on August 21 st, 19S7, left us with a sense of lossIt marked the end of a long connection with Woodstock. As a student, witty and clever, as a teacher in the College Department of Maths, English and Latin, Miss Moss won the Iwe and admiration of her associates in Woodstock many of whom became her life-long friends. Later. after twenty-five yews of missionary service with the London Missionary Society, during which time she became a proficient Bengali scholar and taught Bengali girls in Calcutta, Miss Moss returned to Woodstock where from 1947 to 1953 she worked as housekeeper and then as Supervisor of the music cells till June 1957.

     Miss Moss, besides being a person of great talent and ability, had a large and tender heart. Thoughts for the comfort and welfare of all who came under her care constantly occupied her mind. Nothing was too much trouble. When she came in contact with those who were learning music she took a keen interest in the progress of each pupil.

     A great lover of nature, human beings, animals and down-and outs, Miss Moss lent a hand to all, cheered many with her delightful humour and in every way made a worthwhile contribution to life. It is people such as this who leave behind them memories, that even when they fade, bear always a special fragrance of lasting beauty.


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