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Kathy with Bengali tigers
In this photo, my right hand is on Sandy, the female I "adopted." I'm quite timid. I decided to adopt rather than have my photo taken with the animal I chose thinking I wouldn't have to go into the pen. Not so  
Look - a whale
Here are Winn and Les having just sighted a large whale swimming by our luncheon at The Black Marlin on Cape of Good Hope. My photo of the whale is not worth showing, a possible shadow in the water 100 yards out to sea.
  Sean and Kathy Class of 1959 reunion in South Africa
Here we are on the waterfront in Cape Town, South Africa, Tuesday, Nov. 15, 2005. I cropped the original just to show our heads.  
celebrating 40 years working with Ed
Celebrating 40 years working with Ed Wilson.
It has been a rewarding experience.
Photo taken November 7, 2005

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