[WOSA Reunion 2001]

[Tune: Beethoven's "Ode to Joy" or "When I was a Bengali Babu."]**
by Ken Rockey, Class of 1942.
Originally June 2000. Sung WOSA 2001 Reunion
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When I was a chut in Woodstock, in Mussoorie, long time stop,
I'd often dream of days to come when I would be a heft on top
School days I would lug my bookbag up the khud to go to class
Do my homework til the blink came -- to make sure that I would pass.

Sometimes boarder, sometimes dayskie, after school we footed about.
Boarders had their bicks and sandies, dayskies had to do without.
We played taws, and jumpthe-back, we spun our tops, had chessie fights.
Throwing conks down all the landies -- all these things seemed just so right.

Woodstock Sale Day was a biggie -- with hot dogs and ice-cream cones.
The 10-day break before the monsoon saw us break for other zones.
Many things came with the rains, like beetles, ferns, and nasty leeches
Boys would offer bugs to girls just to hear their noisy screeches.

Each year we met a higher Standard, on our way to number Ten.
Little girls becoming women, little boys becoming men.
To impress the one we "plussed" we would lagao a lot of khunni.
Somehow "plussing" made our actions -- looking back now-- rather funny.

Graduation snuck up on us while we lived the life of hefts.
The Winter Line shone in full glory, suddenly no time was left.
Woodstock days are now behind us and we're scattered world wide.
Our precious Woodstock memories will always in our hearts abide.

**[ Alternate tune: Beethoven "Ode to Joy", the tune for the hymn
"Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee." or "When I was a Bengali Babu."]

Ken Rockey, '42-- 6/2000

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