Gita Patnaik Mehta

Dharma Chakra Gita on compassionate Gita on Ashoka Emperor Ashoka of India. [Tricycle - Winter 1998]
Snakes and Ladders - Gita in Vogue April 1997
Books and articles on Gita - a list
Gita Mehta interveiw by C.J.S. Wallia 16 May 1997
Interview by John Walsh, 29 March 1997
Publishers Weekly interview May 1997.
Snakes and Ladders interview by Shailaja Neelakantan, 16 June 1997
Snakes and Ladders Review by Meg Giuffrida
Crossette on Mehta NYTimes July 1997
South Asian Woman Writer Gita Mehta
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