Class of '59's Reunion in Rhode Island 30 June - 2 July 1999

These people are coming - why don't you? Join us!
Click on Registration form. And fill out the update form so we know all about you.
Such as these replies.
Gil Osgood (2 persons) from Oregon ||
Weldon Friesen (2) from Indiana ||
Jack Day (2) from Maryland ||
Jim Rugh (1 person) from Atlanta, Georgia area ||
Willie Knierim (1) from Colorado ||
Scott Bucher (1) from Georgia ||
Chris Johnson (2) from Switzerland ||
Li Chu (1) from California ||
Philip McEldowney (2) from Virginia ||
Neil McDougall (1) from New Zealand ||
Bibbett Foster (1) from New York ||
(Maudie) Lee Davis (2) from Virginia / DC ||
Robert Bonham (1) from Tennessee ||
Norman Mundhenk (probable ?) from Papua, New Guinea ||
David Sorley (?) was in Kenya, now in the States
Regrets from -
Tom Robison from Washington state (they will be in Europe) ||
Marilyn Becker Peters working in Costa Rica ||
Sean Kiernam in Pinelands, South Africa

>Here< will go more inforamtion about this Class Reunion.
Not much information yet on the WOSA reunion at Roger Williams University in Bristol, Rhode Island, 2-5 July 1999. Here's a calendar for the 4th of July event.

From: Li-chiang Chu
Date: Mon, 1 Feb 1999 22:36:41 -0800
Subject: [class59] July in Rhode Island

I am happy to report that several of our male classmates have responded in the affirmative, with both forms and checks received here in Cupertino. Chris is coming from Geneva and Neil from New Zealand! anybody else in the longest distance traveled competition? and maybe we should also have the shortest distance.

Bibbett, I hear that your sister is chairing the local committee for the WOSA/NA session. The focus of this year's theme is Images of India/Art, with presentations by a ceramist, a lecture on art history, photos of India and maybe even a puppeteer. For those of you who have never made it to one of these annual reunions, and who experienced a tough adaptation when you reached the homeland, there will also be a presentation on third culture kids.

If you have lost the form I mailed you, there is an electronic copy developed by Phil, under
. For those of you who are thinking of arranging your own hotel accommodations, I understand that hotels are a rare specie in that area and that the July 5 parade draws such a large following that reservations may have to be made a year ahead.

From: "Li-chiang Chu"
Date: Mon, 22 Feb 1999 22:40:51 -0800
Subject: New Form and coming so far

I will smail the form only to those whose names are not on our email list. The updated data will be compiled for our 40th reunion to be held in Bristol, RI, 6/30-7/2/99. Please include recent photo(s) and mail with your reservation for our reunion. If you want to save the info until I have had a chance to compile all the info, just email your response to me. I have been able to pick up quite a few email address changes from those who have recently sent messages to our class59 group. Hope to hear from you soon! Li

Name: ___
Name while at Woodstock: ___
Years at Woodstock: ___________
Any changes in address / phone / email ?: ____
What I do these days (and since I left Woodstock), my last visit to India, my plans for retirement *: ____
My children and grandchildren (and what they do) *: __
Fondest memories of Woodstock, my favorite foods/fruits *: ___
My relation to the church *: __
My Myers Briggs personality type *: __
What I want to forget about Woodstock *: ___
I plan to be in Bristol and have sent in my reservation. (I will mail to Li no later than April 1)

Score card of reservations received as of 2/22/99: 10 confirmed

Bonham Robert (John) [1 person]
Chu, Li [1 person]
Foster, Elizabeth 'Bibbett' [1 person]
McDougall, Neil [1 person]
vRugh, Jim [1 person]
Brookshire, Maudie Davis [2 persons]
Day, Jackson Harvey [2 persons]
Johnson, Chris [2 persons]
McEldowney, Philip [2 persons]
Osgood, Gilbert William [2 persons]
Mundhenk, Norman Arthur [? number]
Sorley, David Luverne [? number]
Becker, Marilyn Peters [Not coming]
Kierman Sean [Not coming]
Robison, Thomas 'Tom' [Not coming]

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