Landour Community Cookbook
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Year   Title   Author   Publisher   Notes
1930   Landour Cook Book   Newton, R. C., Mrs.   Reading Club of Landour Community Center   [Reported to be loose leaf; with identifed copies at the University of Oregon; and UK's Cambridge University: Manuscript hand-list under the Murray T. and Olive G. Titus family papers, Box VI]
1938   Landour Cook Book
[Extracts: Household Pests - Jharans and Keys]
  [Newton, R. C., Mrs.]   The Mussoorie Book Society   [Is this the exact same or different from the 1930 version/edition? Thanks, Weldon, for a xerox copy of this]
1946   Landour Cook Book   Beckdahl, Ruth E. Merian, Mrs., revised   [The Mussoorie Book Society]   Editors revised the manuscript and gave numbers to the recipes
1964   The Landour Book of International Recipes: A revised ediition of the Landour Community Center Cook Book
  Riddle, Kittu Parker, ed. With "Magie" Wilson doing the cover and illustrations   Landour, Mussoorie, U. P. : The Librarian, Reading Club, Landour Community Center. OR Masha'l Printing Press, Kharar, Dist. Ambala, Punjab. 317 p.   Mary .O. Rice began collecting back in 1956. Not really a fourth edition, since by a different generation, daughters or daughters-in-law of the original contributors. Many numbered recipes from old cook book. With variations and suggestions added.
1996   The Landour Book of International Recipes
      [New Delhi:] Tarang Paperbaks, a division of Vikas Publishing House Pvt Ltd, 1996 reprint. 317 p.   [Looks like a real reprint; gives copyright to Reading Club of Landour Communty Centre]

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