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Subject: [class59] Woodstock
Date: Sat, 6 Nov 2004 18:35:19 EST
From: Lindsay @ ...

Just back from India and recovering from 27 hours in transit on the 5th. Woodstock today is a vibrant and exciting place. Your discussion on religion and the election is very timely.

We talked a lot about Woodstock as a Christian school in India and what that means. What it definitely does not mean is what "Christian school" has come to mean in the US. There is nothing evangelical or fundamentalist about the school. Woodstock is both an ideal and a genuinely world wide community with special characteristics and values shared over generations, countries and religions. The weekend of the festival showed this in many ways.

On Saturday many of the students wore dress characteristic of their country. One young man in a bright pink Korean outfit was working hard on the flag for the class of 77 and when he finished was showing us how he hadn't got any paint on himself. (While students and faculty helped with a lot of the flags, Dana and I painted ours. You will be able to see from the pictures it was very much like our senior flag.) There was dancing and music from all over the world as well as a bustling bazaar in the Quad.

Sunday was centered on Hansen field and the residences and that evening the
Woodstock kitchen served dinner to everyone, over 500 students, faculty and around 500 alums and guests. It was quite a feat with no long lines and the food warm and tasty. (I ate a number of meals at Woodstock as one can get a lunch ticket for 30 ruppees (44.5 ruppees to the dollar) and the food was always good, not like I remembered at all.)

On Tuesday I talked to the junior chemistry class about clinical chemistry and Li Chu and I talked to the senior chemistry class about careers in chemistry. I certainly am tempted to spend a couple of years teaching chemistry at Woodstock. They desperately need someone for March which is too soon for me so if you know of anyone, I'd be happy to talk with them. Dana and I then went over to the Hanifl center and spent an hour talking to director there about all the various programs they run and how they integrate environmental sciences with all the classes from kindergarden on up. I was very impressed.

Wednesday was one of those super clear days and we could see the snows all the way to Nanda Devi. We walked from our hotel to Lal Tiba, then past the cemetery to Kellogg Church and Sisters Bazaar and then down to Woodstock to lunch. The feel of peacefullness and space on the backside of the hill was everything I remembered and more.

Our week with Bob Fleming was another great experience, visiting both natural and historical sites. He is a wonderful leader who seems to know about everything. Everyone I talked with seemed to feel the same way about the activity week tour he/she was on.

My only regret is that more of you couldn't participate in this celebration in India. But anytime is a good time to visit Woodstock. The alumni office is a suite where one can sit around, drink coffee and read books and look at pictures. For 30 ruppees you can eat in the dining room with faculty and students. And the hills are always there.
I'll write more when we get our pictures organized.

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