Friends of Woodstock School
WOSA Service July 2013
Class of 59

Mountains, Music, and Memories

Spiritual Service, 10:30 AM. Sunday July 7, 2013
Woodstock Old Students Association Reunion, Maryville, TN
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1. Welcome. Les Sauer '60.

2. Prelude. "Quartet in C, 1st Movement," by W. A. Mozart. String Trio: Bill Kinzie '55, Judie Landry '51, Paul Joines spouse.

3. Opening Hymn. Be Thou My Vision.

4. Opening Prayer. Sharon Sauer, spouse and staff '60.

5. Reading. "In Prase of Climbing" from I Have Loved Beauty by Vera Frances. Read by Jonathan Larson '65.

6. Hymn. This is My Song - Music by Jean Sibelius.

7. Reading. "There is Religion in Everything by John Ruskin, from Earth Prayers. Read by Helen Arnott '60.

8. WOSA Choir. "Reflections" by Peggy Jenks (2013). Choir, String Trio and Piano conducted by Peggy Jenks, staff.

9. Responsive Reading. Psalm 100. Led by Edith Theis-Nielsen '60.

10. Hymn. When in Our Music God is Glorified. WOSA Congregation.

11. Reading. "The Beauty of the Trees" by Chief Dan George from Earth Prayers. Read by Christopher Green.

12. Meditation. The Sound of God by Suzanne Jonas, spouse '59.

13. In Memorium. Cate Whitcomb '66 and David Scott '52.

14. Responsive Reading. Jewish Prayer from Earth Prayers. Led by Raj Bery '45.

15. Benediction. "Go Now in Peace" WOSA Choir and Congregation.

16. Postlude. String Trio and Piano. Woodstock Graduation March by Mendelssohn arranged by Bollinger '45, Dykestra, and Kinzie '55. Piano: Robert Bonham '59.

Offering collected at the door will be donated to Uttarakhand flood relief. Please donate cash or checks made out to Woodstock School (not WOSA).

Special thanks:
Sara Berry and the Townsend Garden Center for the floral arrangements.
Judie Landry '51 and Terry Connell '58 for preparing In Memoriam.
Peggy Jenks for composing "Reflections" specifically for this occasion.

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