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Wide range of teaching experience with students of all ages
Effective communication and analytical skills
Creativity in solving problems and maximizing resources
Strong technical skills in computer, library and music fields
Project management experience
Fourteen years of progressive responsibility in academic library setting
In-depth knowledge of music literature, terminology, and technology

    McDowell County, West Virginia Public Schools
        • Taught band, choral and general music classes in grades 4-9

    Sounds of Today, Princeton, West Virginia
        • Taught private instrumental music lessons to students of all ages
        • Presented band instrument clinics in local public schools

    Mt. View Baptist Church, Charlottesville, VA
        • Trained vocal and instrumental groups and soloists of all ages
        • Prepared and administered budget, created and maintained music library

    Digital Media Center, University of Virginia
        • Designed and taught introductory courses on multimedia-related topics

    Piedmont Virginia Community College
        • Taught introductory music history and appreciation course

    Digital Library Research & Development Group, University of Virginia
        • Teach XML and XSLT courses for Library Employees

    University Libraries, University of Virginia
        • Create and maintain static and dynamic hypertext resources utilizing SGML/XML &
        HTML markup, write CGI programs in perl
        • Utilize music technology resources: MIDI sequencing, music notation, and digital
        audio software and hardware
        • Created Western Music Symbols in ISO/IEC 10646 (Unicode)
        • Design XML data structures for audio metadata, thematic catalogs, and description
        of music notation

    Digital Library Research & Development Group, University of Virginia
        • Member of development team for digital library system
        • Analyze, design, implement and maintain programs
        • Prepare and revise technical documentation
        • Write and maintain XML DTDs

    Digital Media Center, University of Virginia
        • Planned and implemented initiatives promoting the creation and use of multimedia data
        in support of instruction, such as on-demand audio services and digital scores
        • Created informational resources, such as Mackay-Smith thematic catalog and on-line
        guitar chord dictionary
        • Participated in Internet broadcast of Monticello Memoirs, a Smithsonian Institution
        • Supervised student workers in public-access computing facility

    Government Documents, University of Virginia
        • Provided reference service and user instruction
        • Performed cataloging and database maintenance in integrated on-line environment
        with consistently high output
        • Completed staff sharing arrangement in Music Library in collection development
        • Developed computer applications for collecting and reporting collection statistics
        and for shelf-listing uncataloged government publications
        • Supervised clerical and student staff

    Independent Music Services Contractor
        • Composed music for CD-ROM introducing prospective faculty and students to the
        University of Virginia's Patent Foundation
        • Sound Designer for Heritage Repertory Theatre
        • Transcribed and orchestrated an opera

    International Symposium on Music Information Retrieval
        • Serve as peer reviewer of submissions

    Boy Scouts of America, Stonewall Jackson Area Council, Monticello District
        • As co-chairman of annual fundraiser, increased profit 2 years in a row while reducing
        errors in ordering process
        • Created and maintained Monticello District web site

1987-present    University Libraries, University of Virginia
    • Senior Programmer/Analyst, Digital Library Research & Development Group, 1999-present
    • Programmer/Analyst, Digital Media Center, 1997-1999
    • Paraprofessional Librarian, Digital Media Center, 1995-1997
    • Paraprofessional Librarian, Government Documents, 1988-1995
    • Library Support Staff, Government Documents, 1987-1988
1997-1999        Adjunct Music Faculty, Piedmont Virginia Community College
1984-present    Independent Music Services Contractor
1985-1987        Music Director, Mt. View Baptist Church, Charlottesville VA
1982-1984        Music Instructor/Salesman, Sounds of Today, Princeton WV
1981-1982        Music Teacher, Grades 4-9, McDowell County WV

M.S., Library and Information Science, University of North Carolina, 1995
M.A., Composition, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, 1986
B.S., Music Education, Concord College, Athens WV, 1981
Computer Science, University of Virginia and Piedmont Virginia Community College
Geographic Information Systems, University of Virginia

Music Library Association
Boy Scouts of America

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