Please take a few moments to complete this questionnaire. Your answers will contribute to further understanding of the needs of music researchers and the development of electronic resources to meet those needs. Please feel free to comment upon any aspect of this survey, using the back of the survey, if necessary.

1. Please check any of the following which apply to you:

2. What families of instruments do you play? (Check all that apply, even if your skills are minimal.)

3. For which of the following do you use the music collection? (Check all that apply.)

4. About how often do you use the computerized catalog? (Please include both on-site and remote access.)

5. About how often do you use a printed thematic catalog? (A thematic catalog is an index to a group of musical compositions that incorporates citations of their opening notes or principal melodic features.)

6. Can one search the catalog by entering music from a typewriter or piano keyboard or other device?
7. Would the ability to search by musical example assist you in locating music materials?
Please elaborate on your answer for question 7.

8. Which of the following computer resources have you used or might you like to use? (Please check all that apply.)

9. Please check all of the following which you have done or would like to do in the future?
Please elaborate on your answers for question 9. When you're finished, please return this survey to the inforamtion desk. For additional information regarding this survey, you may contact:

                         Perry Roland
                         Alderman Library
                         University of Virginia
                         Charlottesville, VA 22903
                         voice: (804) 924-6259

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