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  • Ask E.T. - Part of Tufte's site that's a public forum with tons of topics.
  • Interaction Architecture (sounds multimedia-ish)
  • Comparison shopping:
    Search for information and compares prices ar more than 2,000 online shops
  • News Stories: Finds headlines from more than 1,800 news ites
  • Legal Documents: Combs through a legal dictionary, legal news, and the text of the Constitution. A search engine powered by Alta Vista enables users to search for documents on federal and state websites
  • Financial Information: Plumbs sites about financial planning and investing, including those that offer tax information
  • Academic Materials: Finds web-based material suitable for a professor's lessons plans ot a student's research paper. Geared to college students and academic researchers
  • Government Information: Searches for government documents from federal and state websites
  • Science and Technology:
  • Adobe PDF Files: Searches for PDF documents
  • Online Images: Searches for ohotos and other images that have been posted online
  • Funnystuff: Finds web pages with jokes, humor columns, and parodies of famous sites
  • CompletePlanet: A searchable directory of about 600 specialized search tools, including links to extensive online databases like the National Climatic Data Center.
  • Academic Search Engines:
  • Specialty Search Engines:
  • Overview of Specialized Search Engines:
  • (random designer)

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