The March of Time
Trouble Beyond Our Shores, 1935-1936, Part 3

U.S.A. (The Townsend Plan) - 8:04

People over 60 want to get $200/month from Uncle Sam (conceived by Dr. Francis E. Townsend)
Starts 1:18, ends 8:22

Central America - 7:38

Drugs from Honduras (heroin) is coming through New Orleans. Feds track the baddie and also uncover a revolution and bunches of firearms. Drugs look like they float in on inner tubes.
Starts 8:23, ends 16:02

Japan-China - 7:58

Shows Hirohito, soldiers, Japanese bowing. industry and commerce. Japan's Manchukuo army base (part of China). Shows resentment of Italy's invasion of Ethiopia
Starts 16:02, ends 24:00

South Pacific - 5:43

Feds recruit young Honolulu aristocrats to stake claim on three islands in the South Pacific. Plans for a trans-pacific air route are disrupted when Britain, Australia, and Japan discover the U.S. actions. Jarvis, Baker, and Howland islands. British thought they owned it and leased to Aussies, Japanese annoyed because it's near their territories
Starts 24:35, ends 30:42

France - 4:11

France's official executioner--gets paid $200/head. Still using the guillotine.
Starts 30:43, ends 34:34

TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) - 8:29

Feds kick out rural farmers from land to build utilities, dams, etc. Private utilities are ticked off and take their case to Congress.
Starts 34:35, ends 43:04

Moscow - 8:06

"Under the second-year plan, Societs enjoy the fruits of their struggle for self-sufficiency." Alexei Stakhanov discovers method for speeding up coal production.
Starts 43:38, ends 51:44

Harlem - 6:35

"Father Divine" emerges as powerful African-American religious leader in Harlem. Catch phrases are "peace" and "thank you, father" (the latter is said to him). Inspires followers to change their names to things like "Heavenly Bouquet." Put up white man for president, so God can clean up Hoover's/Roosevelt's mess. Some shots of Savoy.
Starts 57:03, ends 1:03:38

French Guiana (Devil's Island) - 6:07

Prison settlement for French.
Starts 1:04:13, ends 1:10:20

Japan - 5:00

Japan's national defense and patriotism.
Starts 1:10:21, ends 1:15:21

New England - 5:17

Fishing industry.
Starts 1:15:22, ends 1:21:35