Liron Speyer

Fall 2017 – MATH 3351 Elementary Linear Algebra

Office hours:

Mondays 9:30–10:30 and Thursdays 11:00–12:30 or by appointment.


Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 11:00–11:50 in Gilmer Hall 166;

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 13:00–13:50 in Clark Hall 102.


Linear Algebra and its applications, 5th Edition, by David C. Lay, Steven R. Lay, Judi J. McDonald.


Homework assignments will be posted on the class home page in UVACollab (under ‘Resources’) every Wednesday, starting from August 30th. The assignment will be due at the start of the lecture the following Wednesday (e.g. the first assignment is due at the start of the lecture on Wednesday September 5th). There will be no makeup homework. Assignments should be cleanly and legibly written, and stapled together with your name on the front; the answers should be put in boxes (whenever reasonable to do so). The lowest 2 scores among all the assignments for each student will be dropped.