Liron Speyer

All of my papers are also available on my arXiv page. Click titles of papers to view them. Alternatively, hover over a title for more details.


  1. Decomposable Specht modules indexed by bihooks (with Louise Sutton).


  1. An analogue of row removal for diagrammatic Cherednik algebras (with Chris Bowman). Math. Z., to appear, DOI.
  2. Specht modules for quiver Hecke algebras of type C (with Susumu Ariki and Euiyong Park). Publ. Res. Inst. Math. Sci., to appear.
  3. On bases of some simple modules of symmetric groups and Hecke algebras (with Melanie de Boeck, Anton Evseev and Sinéad Lyle). Transform. Groups 23 (2018), no. 3, 631–669, DOI. This paper also refers to some GAP code, available here.
  4. On the semisimplicity of the cyclotomic quiver Hecke algebra of type C. Proc. Amer. Math. Soc. 146 (2018), no. 5, 1845–1857, DOI.
  5. Kleshchev's decomposition numbers for diagrammatic Cherednik algebras (with Chris Bowman). Trans. Amer. Math. Soc. 370 (2018), no. 5, 3551–3590, DOI.
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  7. Generalised column removal for graded homomorphisms between Specht modules (with Matthew Fayers). J. Algebraic Combin. 44 (2016), no. 2, 393–432, DOI.
  8. Decomposable Specht modules for the Iwahori–Hecke algebra \(\mathscr{H}_{\mathbb{F},-1}(\mathfrak{S}_n)\). J. Algebra 418 (2014), 227–264, DOI.

PhD Thesis: Representation theory of Khovanov–Lauda–Rouquier algebras.