LiveWires Staff

Patrick Bernal is a fourth-year English major who enjoys sofas and letting his hair grow. After graduation he hopes to serve in the Peace Corps, or to cut his hair and become a real reporter.

Peter Egill Brownfeld is a third-year history major who hopes to a pursue a career as a writer, and plans on attending graduate school in England.

Oneya Fennell is a second-year economics and government major. She enjoys writing poetry as well as prose, and may well spend her post-college years teching kids why "reading is fundamental."

Sarah Harris is a third-year student working on an English/Modern Studies major. She is the literary editor of Corks and Curls and a firm believer that yearbook copy does not have to be saturated with cheesy Jefferson/drinking fish references. Someday she will conquer the world with her news magazine style, at which point she may smile and say,"Wahoo."

Vinay Jain is a second-year student from Richmond, Virginia, majoring in Political and Social Thought. He plans to work as a journalist after graduation.

Holly Krambeck is a fourth-year Asian studies and foreign affairs double major. A lover of tofu and lo mein, she aspires to work in China as a foreign correspondent.

Bob McCormick is a fourth-year history major from Northern Virginia. After graduation he wants to run away to Costa Rica for a year where he will teach English, learn Spanish and surf. If he ever returns, he will pursue a career in journalism or documentary film-making.

Ted McGraw is a third-year English major. Originally from Herndon, Virginia, he hopes to travel out West after completing his undergraduate degree. Ted enjoys writing and hopes to combine this skill with any of several interests, while shaping a rewarding career.

Lauren Norton is a graduate student pursuing a masters in English education through UVa's Curry School. She hopes to use this journalism experience to enhance the writing skills of her future high school students.

Megan Poyhonen is a fourth-year psychology major from Cleveland, Ohio. Her current post-graduation plans include moving to D.C. to pursue a Human Resources career in recruiting. She is also a Spanish minor and avid traveler who hopes to go to Spain and try out her accent before her hair turns gray.

Lisa M. Regelman is a fourth-year marketing major in the McIntire School of Commerce. She will be doing consulting work in Philadelphia, Pa. after graduation.

Eleanor Stables is an English major who hopes to have a career in journalism, fiction writing and/or film.

Sarah Stuckey is a third-year English major in the College of Arts and Sciences. A devoted Hoosier fan stuck in a Wahoo world, she enjoys writing, playing various instruments and eating watermelon.

Katherine Tune is a second-year student from Seattle, Washington. She is a Foreign Affairs major, a member of Tri-Delta, a senior staff writer for the Cavalier Daily, and an ISC Judge.

Christine Voliva is a third-year English major at the University of Virginia. She loves to read and write and hopes to pursue a career in journalism. Her other passions include running, traveling, movie-watching, and spending time with friends and family.