The corporate classroom

While liberal arts programs search for benefactors, donors flock to sponsor the high-tech facilities that prepare students for the business world.
by Pat Bernal

Revolutionizing History

A new center at U.Va. may change the way we think of history by using an exciting new medium.
by Peter Brownfeld

The Economist and the Beast

Despite his humble beginnings, a University of Virginia economics professor plays a key role in the Microsoft antitrust case.
by Oneya Fennell

A Game of King of the Hill

The Webmaster generation struggles for non-virtual profit.
by Sarah Harris

A Library Without Books?

The Digital Age poses great promise and problems for the research library.
by Vinay Jain

Putting the Human Back in the Workplace

University ergonomics task force mediates conflict between workers and technological trends.
by Holly Krambeck

The Roots of a Network

At today’s universities, teams of technicians and million-dollar machines work behind the scenes to keep computer networks operative and online.
by Bob McCormick

The Computer-Geek Meets Mr. Personality

As technology invades all aspects of life, success will go to people like Portman Wills who are able to interact with more than just a computer.
by Ted McGraw

Seeing UVa Through the Eyes of Iowa State

Long distance learning provides new human perspectives, but may sacrifice human relations.
by Lauren Norton

Virtually Ideal

Dennis Proffitt sees virtual reality as the best tool available for understanding human perception and finding practical applications for his research.
by Megan Poyhonen

Double Clicking on Higher Education

Faculty and staff at the University of Virginia are following their students into the information age.
by Lisa Regelman

New Technology Means Better Healthcare:

But Are There Side Effects?
by Eleanor Stables

Course Connections

Stephen Railton is one of many college professors across the nation integrating computers into his classroom.
by Sarah Stuckey

What a case

A computer system simplifies job searches for law students and administrators.
by Katherine Tune

Running with the Bull

Rusty Szurek becomes one of a growing number of students to start on-line business.
by Christine Voliva