On the Brink Staff

Porscha Burke is a third-year Anthropology major from New York City and desperately misses the subway.

Greg Bensinger was born and raised in Seattle, Washington. An English major, he enjoys cooking shows and rap music.

Jennifer Berg will graduate in May of 1999. She is a biology major hoping to pursue a health-related career.

Theresa Bowen is a fourth-year English major planning to pursue a career in broadcast journalism.

David Dadurka is a fourth-year English major who plans to pursue a career in music journalism. He spends his leisure time writing songs and exploring new styles of music.

Jesse Gerstein is fourth-year Interdisciplinary Studies major with a propensity to come up with meaningless drivel in regards to his bio.

Masha Herbst is a third-year music major. After graduation she plans to spend her life dodging bullets as a wire reporter in Beirut.

Ross Hoffman is a sophomore at the University of Virginia. His passions include traveling and foreign languages, and he dreams of writing for National Geographic.

Jonathan Kauffmann is a fourth-year English major.After graduation in May of '99, he hopes to work for a few years before heading back to school to pursue an MBA. His interests include golf, baseball, and worshiping Jimmy Buffett.

Anne Penarczyk is a fourth-year English major interested in pursuing a career in either journalism or law.

Candice Pratsch is a third-year English major, history minor. She enjoys writing on dramatic productions and historical events. She hopes to obtain a Master's Degree in English after graduating from U.Va. and go on to write or edit for a newspaper or magazine.

Matt Tatusko is a fourth-year student majoring in English and Studio Art. When he's not writing or painting, he can be found on one of the country's great trout streams pursuing his other love--flyfishing.

Michael Walters is a fourth-year Commerce student interested in television and film.

Anne B. Williams is a third-year English major pursuing a career in communications whether this will lead her to journalism or public relations is undetermined. She enjoys writing and working with people and can often be found where there's music and dancing.