A Screwy World

A new pelvic surgery procedure uses computers to reduce hospital stays -- and pain
by Greg Bensinger

Technology, Proteins and Cancer

Proteins like Actin and Frnk may provide a newand easy way to diagnose cancer.
by Jennifer Berg

Early Detection of Life-Threatening Infection

The bacterial infection sepsiscan kill premature infants, but two doctors are working towards a way to detect and treat the infection before it escalates.
by Theresa Bowen

Bridging Gaps

David Sapir blends anthropology and photography into a mind-opening Internet experience.
by Porscha Burke

Roll Over Beethoven, Move Over Mozart

New computer technology makes composing easier for everyone.
by David Dadurka

Get on the Bus

How a new computer tracking system may take riding the bus from an issue of personal choice to one of public knowledge.
by Jesse Gerstein


Emily Dickinson goes online.
by Masha Herbst

New Religious Movements

University of Virginia sociology professor's Web site puts cults online -- and in the open.
by Ross Hoffman

The War on Traffic

Researchers and engineers in Virginia are shooting to solve traffic problems forever.
by Jonathan Kauffmann

Health Care in Information Technology

University of Virginia nursing professor improves the quality of medical information on the Web.
by Anne Penarczyk

The Internet and Old Lace

Students at the University of Virginia capture images of antique garments and the stories behind them on the Web.
by Candice Pratsch

Preparing for a Revolution in Art

Artists at the University of Virginia are leaving the art studio and heading for the computer lab
by Matt Tatusko

Computer Aided Design

A requirement in the real world remains an elective incollege.
by Michael Walters


Internet provides a new ticket for language students and the travel industry.
by Anne B. Williams