Fall 2016
Arch 5710: Photography and Digital Methods. Department of Architecture. University of Virginia Kirk Martini © 2016
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Art stands on the shoulders of craft.

--Ann Patchett

The course seeks to give students the ability to conceive and create digital photographic imagery with control and sophistication. The course emphasizes development of digital techniques through work with photographs taken by the student in order to integrate the understanding of digital and photographic media in achieving graphic and design intent. Methods will include production and presentation of images for printed hard copy and electronic screen.

Approval of instructor. Previous experience with photography is desirable. Each student must own or have access to a digital camera with manual controls, preferably a single-lens-reflex or mirrorless camera.

The course includes the following types of assignments:

Specific assignments are given on the course calendar.

Meeting types

Web-based readings and videos will be referenced from the course calendar.

Meeting Time and Place
Tue 12:30-1:45, 105 Campbell
Thu 12:30-1:45, Room B Campbell

Most of the score for an assignment will be based on the degree of completeness and punctuality. For example, if a project asks for four images plus descriptive text in a specific format due on a certain date, then getting full credit requires submitting a project that includes all of those things on or before the due date. Another part of the score depends on the degree of thoughtfulness and care evident in the images, text, and their presentation. As you work on your assignments, one approach to avoid is attempting to submit images and writing in a particular style that you think may appeal to me. I want each student to find their own style, further develop that style, as well as the awareness to deliberately work outside of it.

Final letter grades are based on the following weighting of work

Lab 30%
Projects 40%
Final project 20%
Attitude and participation 10%

Course topics (see course calendar for specific lectures and assignments).

Photography as communication