...maybe you got the wrong John Lloyd?

You may be seeing this page because you searched for John Lloyd. I'm John Wills Lloyd (my mother's uncle was John Wills; there's also Dr. John Wills, my great-great grandfather, who was a physician in Fluvanna County, Virginia, USA, in the 1800s, and a few other John Wills before him; on my father's side, there were a couple of ancestors with John as a given name, too). If I'm not the one for whom you searched, you can try one of these other John Lloyds. Else, back home.

  1. Sheesh, the social media phenomenon just multiplied the difficulty factor for the task of keeping up with this page.
  2. Visit the John M. Lloyd Foundation, named for John Musser Lloyd and a funder of projects to find solutions to the Earth's AIDS/HIV problms.
  3. There is also the John D. Lloyd who lives at Mitre Farm House in Kent, England, and who's distinguished himself in the world of creative design (and clearly could do a heckuva a better job with a page such as this than my paltry work here).
  4. There's a John Lloyd who used to be associated with computer science at Clemson University, but he seems to have disappeared....In August of 2005, however, that John Lloyd reports, "I have reappeared! I finished my MS in Comp Sci at Clemson in 1994 and now I work at IBM as the [fifteenth] bullet states. The e-mail address is old though. IBM standardized e-mail address a few years ago and mine changed....This ( e-mail address is probably best rather than my work e-mail." I've learned that John's also interested in running; we've even run the same marathon (MCM), though in different years.
  5. There's also a British journalist, who used to be an associate editor of New Statesman and at one time edited Financial Times Weekend.
  6. There's John E. Lloyd, who's a Research Associate in the Computer Science Department at the lovely University of British Columbia and who has a link pointing at this page—Thanks, John!—and who's e-mail address is
  7. And, there's John E. Lloyd of the Illinois Natural History Suvey.
  8. Then, there's the John Lloyd who is a senior lecturer in computing science at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne and to whom you can write at, should you be looking for one of us on the right side of the pond.
  9. There's John E. Lloyd in entomology at Wyoming.
  10. There's also a John R. Lloyd who is in mechanical engineering at Michigan State.
  11. You may be looking for the John W. Lloyd who works in the Computer Sciences Laboratory at the Australian National University (after leaving the UK University of Bristol) and, if so, write to him at
  12. There's even another John W. Lloyd (I wonder what his middle initial stands for), who's apparently interested in data bases and programming!
  13. There's John D. Lloyd who used to study ergonomics at the University of South Florida but apparently more recently consults and acts as an expert witness, Dr. Ergonomics.
  14. John H. Lloyd, M.D., practices psychiatry at MIT Medical.
  15. A John Lloyd who apparently works for IBM provides a collection of reviews about short-wave radio. His e-mail address was once listed here, but that's changed, as reflected in item one of this list—yes, the John Lloyd I had here is the same as the John Lloyd I had in item 1. He's still interested in short-wave, but the site doesn't get updated, as it's on someone else's server.
  16. And, there's John P. Lloyd, who is an emeritus faculty member in civil engineering at Oklahoma State at Stillwater.
  17. I found a Japanese-born painter named John Lloyd who lives in Brooklyn, at least according to a page that shows one of his works and has links to some others.
  18. Another John Lloyd helped me out with this list. He is John J. Lloyd and his cousin is the painter. This John Lloyd is a software engineer at the Arbortext division of PTC in Ann Arbor (MI, US) and also a guitarist with the band Nutshell that plays traditional Celtic music. He told me that John Lloyd the painter is John F. Lloyd and that John J. Lloyd is John J.'s uncle and, naturally, John F.'s father.
  19. I mustn't omit John Lloyd, the British comedy writer, as well a director and producer of TV shows. There's a marvelous video of his talk at the TED conference in the summer of 2009.
  20. Now, there are a few John Lloyds in the movies, as one can learn by searching in a data base covering that topic.
  21. Of course, John Lloyd, the tennis player, has more noteriety than most of the rest of us.
  22. Then, there's a picture of a John Lloyd who works for a BMW dealership in Memphis.
  23. There's a whole gaggle of John Lloyds who take photos:
    • In southern California, there's a photographer named John Lloyd who takes nice-looking photos for weddings and etc.
    • On the Web as DrLloydPhotography, there's a John Lloyd who has a Ph.D. in ergonomics in England but now is apparently in the Tampa, Florida, area. (I suspect that he's the same John Lloyd as this one.)
    • There's also a John P. Lloyd who also may be shooting mostly around Florida, but there's no contact info on his Web site.
    • And John Lloyd also poses as travel writer and photographer in the UK and Europe.
  24. Someone bearing this name was beatified and canonized by the Roman Catholic folks; St. John lived in the late 1600s.
  25. Probably the most relaxed of all John Lloyds is John U. Lloyd Beach State Recreation Area in Florida.
  26. John Lloyd also conducts research about birds at the Ecostudies Institute in Mount Vernon, Washington (US).
  27. John Lloyd also does other things, including
  28. Wikipedia has a page that points to entries about famous people named John Lloyd; some of them are also noted here.
  29. But my favorite is the baseball great, John Henry "Pop" Lloyd (see National Baseball Hall of Fame, Black Baseball, and Baseball Library). He hit—get this!—.564 when he was 44 years old. I probably never hit that well in my pre-adolescent fantasies.

I only sometimes check these links, so some may go 404. Sorry. Thanks to those John Lloyds who've contacted me about this page.

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