More John Lloyd stuff

Do I have a life?

Pat Lloyd and I live up a little lane in a little house, as you can see here.

I'm sorry to say that Corey Lloyd isn't living at home any more. She's happily living in downtown Hookville, having a real life. But Pat and I get to visit with her sometimes.

Now, other than those professional sorts of things, I do a few other things. I eat a lot, I sleep, I'm fond of fine wine, and I run. The last is probably closely related to the first. Here's a graph showing my running for 1994.

In the picture below, I am on the right and Jack Chapman is on the left. We are finishing the Northern Central Trail Marathon in November of 1993. I suppose that the caption should say what I was saying at the time: "What am I doing here?"

By the way, Jack's shirt refers to the Dead Runners Society, an organization that maintins its own web pages.

By the way No. 2: I've gotten this little camera that allows me to take shots of things in my office. Here's my first, a picture of Buzz:

and he's only one of the things that clutter up my office.

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