John Wills Lloyd

Head shot

I work at the University of Virginia's Curry School of Education, where I teach and conduct research. My primary focus is in the area of special education, particularly learning disabilities, emotional and behavioral disorders, and early reading instruction. However, I also teach a course in single-subject research design and I have a passing interest in technology. You can learn more about my teaching by examining the page on my classes.

If you're interested in my scholarly work (such as it is), you can examine a list of my publications. (Be aware, though, that it's probably not up to date.)

I was once responsible for an electronic discussion list called spedtalk, as well as some other email lists...but that can wait. The "office of special education" represents another aspect of my work in technology. In 2000, after spending two years advising the Curry School about its technology efforts, I was named Chief Technology Officer for the School.

Should you wish to write to me, address an e-mail message to If you want the more formal address, it is Alternatively, use the Web-based form to send me a note. You can even use the snailmail address, if you wish. If you're really into goofiness, you can see my 1995 home page--it really needs an update.

Otherwise, I do a few other things. You can find out more about that by examining my not-so-secret life (the first Web page I created).

More later....